Big Brother UK S10E36 (Channel 4)

Freddie tells Lisa that he wants to have a chat with her. She is dreading it. He tells Marcus. Marcus doesn’t give a shit. Karly tells Lisa that she’ll come get her in 5 minutes. He’s looking for approval.

Rodrigo tells Charlie that he won’t ever forget him. Charlie says that he will forget him before Rodrigo forgets him. It’s getting bitchy. Rodrigo calls Charlie a boring and typical clown. Rodrigo tells Charlie to stop talking to him. Charlie calls Rodrigo Ricardo. Rodrigo calls Charlie racist. His name is normal in Brazil. Charlie says that Rodrigo is strange. Rodrigo says that he isn’t strange. Rodrigo leaves.

Charlie tells Halfwit that he was just winding Rodrigo up. Halfwit comes to see what was going on. Noirin comforts Rodrigo and he goes back out and hugs Charlie. Charlie tells him that he was just winding him up.

Rodrigo and Sophie are in the shower. Charlie ties towels around the doors so that they can’t get out. Siavash is in the bath. Kris and Charlie tell them that the light has gone red. They can’t get out. Sophie doesn’t believe them. The boys are having fun. Marcus is there as well. Siavash isn’t bothered. He suggests having a threesome. Five minutes later, they let them out. Rodrigo swears that he will get back at them.

It’s eviction night. Sree is evicted. He tells them that his new job is waiting for him. He makes a scene and leaves. Lisa is shocked that Freddie is still there. Freddie says that Sree was awful. He was aggressive, vindictive, two-faced, and offensive. That’s why he is still there. Noirin says that Sree was a bitch. He bitched about everyone in the house. Marcus tells Kris to wait to see what Sree said about him. Siavash says that Sree’s absence was going to be felt. Lisa says that she is going to miss him.

Karly and Lisa are talking at the Bus Stop. Lisa says that all of the people she liked have gone. Noirin is in the diary room. She is very happy that Sree is gone. She says that Sree was using and abusing people. Freddie gets on people’s nerves. Lisa and Kris especially don’t like him. They get flustered and aggravated when he intrudes into their conversations.

Rodrigo has come to the diary room. Charlie and Freddie are talking. There is some strange between them. I can’t tell if Charlie is upset that Freddie isn’t fancying him, or he’s just winding him up. Halfwit goes on and on and Charlie takes part of another conversation.

Marcus has got two cans of cider left. Noirin gets half a can for sitting on his lap. Kris and Charlie aren’t happy. They scheme to still the other three cans that are left. Sophie tells the group that Charlie and Kris are plotting. Charlie has already found two cans. They are skulking around in the bedroom. They start drinking in secret. Karly comes to join them. Rodrigo comes into the bedroom. He wants to talk with Charlie. Rodrigo saw them. He didn’t tell anyone. Karly discovers the cans as well. Rodrigo gets some in his glass and leaves.

Later, Marcus finds out that they nicked the cans of cider, including his own. Kris tells Marcus that the cider is gone. Marcus tells them that they have to get punched in the gut. Kris owns up and Marcus punches him playfully. Rodrigo tells Marcus that Charlie is the bad guy, not Kris. Charlie says that he took it all. They are getting bitchy again. Charlie calls Rodrigo a liar. Charlie throws something at Rodrigo. They start arguing loudly. Rodrigo tells Charlie that he is horrible and nasty. Rodrigo tells all to the group. He says that Charlie was slithering like a snake to get the alcohol. Charlie says that Karly drank some too.

Rodrigo is looking for Lisa. Charlie is getting nasty. Rodrigo tells Lisa and Halfwit. Charlie sees them talking and comes out to bug them. Rodrigo tells Charlie to go back inside. Rodrigo doesn’t want anything to do with Charlie anymore. They will both be strangers in the house.

Later, Charlie comes to cry in the diary room.

Rodrigo is talking to Lisa and Siavash. Siavash tells Rodrigo that he needs to chill a bit. It’s wrong to take drinks. Rodrigo thinks that he is being portrayed in a bad way and Charlie knows how to make him angry.

Marcus is having a heart-to-heart with Noirin. He isn’t putting any pressure on her. He thinks that they are friends. There might be something more, but that will just have to wait. They have been talking for 49 minutes underneath the covers. They cuddle.

Halfwit is talking to Kris and Sophie about their relationship. He says that it is a powerful move in their gameplan.

Rodrigo comes to see Charlie. Charlie says that he is very sorry. They kiss and make up. That’s good to see.

* * * * *

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