Big Brother UK S10E38 (Channel 4)

Sophie, Halfwit and Sophie are in the bathroom. Halfwit is going on about things as usual. Kris tells some of the HM that Halfwit told him that he is connecting with Noirin. They also talk about Marcus’ chances with Noirin. Charlie tells Noirin that she is too flirty. They laugh about the way Marcus is with Noirin. They all know that he hasn’t got a chance. Lisa says that she’s got more of a chance than Marcus.

For today’s task, the HM are going to be divided up into three teams. The fastest HM will win. The winning team gets a party and a chance to win some tokens. Lisa is the health and safety officer. Sophie, Kris and Halfwit are in one team. Kris isn’t happy with this. He complains to Lisa and Karly. He says that he’d rather fail than share a drink with Halfwit.

Noirin is dressed up as a crash test dummy. Noirin, Marcus and Siavash score 18 mph. Rodrigo and Charlie launch Karly at 17 mph. Sophie and Halfwit have also scored 17 mph. At their second attempt, they still have 17. On their 3rd, they get 19. They win.

Karly tells Kris and Charlie that she’s annoyed with everything that Halfwit does. Sometimes Charlie feels sorry. Noirin tells Marcus that she just wants to be friends. Marcus is in a funk because he is getting rejected by her.

Noirin and Lisa are talking about Marcus. Siavash has come to the diary room. He sees a lot of tension because of Noirin. He says that there is tension between Halfwit and Marcus because of Noirin. Noirin isn’t interested in either them. Marcus makes him very uncomfortable. He is disrespectful with Noirin. He goes around asking her to sit on his lap to feel her up.

It’s time for the party. Dogface, Halfwit and Kris need to dance continually for an hour. The more food they eat and alcohol they drink, the more tokens they win. They get dance music and dance. Lisa is not permitted to dance or get any food. They win 5 tokens for the house.

Noirin tells Karly that she talked with Marcus. He’s cool with it. Noirin says that all of the men are babies to her. She needs a real man.

Noirin tells Marcus that she is crazy in love with her ex. Halfwit pukes in the toilet. Kris and Dogface feel sick. She says that there is sexual tension between Rodrigo and Charlie. They are denying it but love is blossoming. Rodrigo and Charlie are play fighting again.

Freddie had a nap and is full of beans. He joins Marcus and Siavash. Marcus says that he’s got a couple of thousands of action figures.

Charlie and Rodrigo are talking in the bedroom. Rodrigo says that Charlie can’t take his jokes, because Rodrigo is the only one that gives him back to Charlie. They argue some more about their age. Charlie says that Rodrigo is two years older than him. Rodrigo is just one year older. They start arguing loudly. Charlie tells him to get out of this face. Charlie says that he’s and idiot. Rodrigo tells Charlie that he is a clown. Rodrigo says that he came to see him because he thought that Charlie was upset. Charlie leaves because Rodrigo isn’t leaving him alone. Rodrigo tells Charlie that he always want attention. Charlie begs Rodrigo to leave him alone. He’s sick of him. Rodrigo is aggravating him. Lisa tries to weigh in and tells them to take some time apart.

Lisa, Charlie and Karly are at the Bus Stop. Marcus and Siavash are talking about Noirin. Marcus says that she is missing her ex. Marcus says that Noirin fancies him, but he doesn’t fancy her. He thinks that Noirin was leading him on.

Siavash has a talk with Noirin. He says that she has to be careful not to have a second Sree on her hands. She says that she tried to nip it in the bud. Siavash says that time apart is good so that other people don’t get confused.

* * * * *

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