Big Brother UK S10E39 (Channel 4)

Marcus is sulking by the pool because he was rejected by Noirin. He hears Lisa and Noirin singing. Charlie is called to the diary room.

Charlie is warned about talking about nominations. He did so with Karly and Lisa last night. He has to remain silent until midnight. If he doesn’t, he will face eviction. If he tells anyone about his punishment, he will face eviction. Charlie has got 11 hours to go. Some HM think that he is on a fake secret task.


Charlie            Marcus            Rodrigo           “He’s like a child.”
Dogface          Marcus             Halfwit            “He’s a dickhead.”
Halfwit            Noirin              Lisa                 “She uses her sexual power to draw dependence from people.”
Karly               Marcus            Halfwit
Kris                 Siavash            Halfwit
Lisa                 Marcus           Haflwit
Marcus          Lisa                 Halfwit
Noirin            Siavash           Halfwit            “He creeps me out.”
Rodrigo           Marcus          Halfwit
Siavash           ?                      ?

So far, Halfwit has received 5 noms and will face eviction. Marcus has 4 and Lisa has 2 noms. Charlie must remain completely silent until midnight. Noirin is next to nominate. Kris is bugging Charlie because he can’t talk. Halfwit sneaks in and finds it funny. Charlie leaves. The HM can’t believe that Halfwit isn’t leaving Charlie alone. He is pestering him.

Halfwit received 7 and Marcus received 5 noms. Kris is commenting that Marcus is looking scary. He is pacing in the garden. He confides to Siavash that he was groping Noirin underneath the covers. She didn’t refuse him then. He’s 35 years old. He should know how girls behave.

Kris, Sophie and Karly are talking about being evicted. Kris really doesn’t like Freddie. Sophie says that he kept bitching about Karly. Kris says that he is like Siavash. Kris thinks that he’s a pile of rubbish.

Halfwit is bitching behind Noirin’s back. He’s talking to Rodrigo. He says that Marcus and him are sexual rivals because of Noirin. Meanwhile, Noirin and Kris are grilling Siavash on the way that he dresses. They both think that Siavash is a show-off.

Noirin and Marcus are talking in the bedroom. She says that last Friday she told him that she still loved her ex-boyfriend. Apparently she is very flirty and she is sorry if it seemed that she was leading Marcus on.

Charlie still has two hours to go. Kris and Dogface are called to the diary room. They have been talking about the nominations. They can no longer talk until 2AM. It’s just like Charlie, except that he got 11 hours. They only got 4. The HM speculate and Lisa says that they are being punished for talking about nominations. Kris says don’t to some of the HM.

Noirin and Siavash are talking. He was hurt by the way that she talked to him earlier. Later, Noirin says that she will be eschewing PC. It encourages the wrong behavior.

Charlie is called to the diary room. 6 seconds after he left the diary room, he broke the rules. BB lists his infractions to the silent rule. It goes on for 8 minutes. He sang and hummed. He will face the public vote. He tells Lisa and Karly. Lisa doesn’t believe him. Karly starts crying. She thinks that she is to blame for this. Lisa is really shocked. Tears are streaming down Karly’s face.

At 2AM, Sophie and Kris are called to the diary room. They are told that they broke the rules and will face eviction. They both thought that they failed. Sophie failed because she farted and laughed. Kris hummed a song with Charlie.

* * * * *

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