Big Brother UK S10E40 (Channel 4)

Yesterday, Kris, Sophie and Charlie broke the rules about talking about nominations. They will face the public vote. BB will announce the results of the noms later today.

Freddie tells Kris that it’s hardest when you know that other HM nominated you. For this week’s shopping task, the HM will have to perform circus tasks over the next two days. Sophie was trying not to be with Freddie, but she’s stuck with him again. She thinks that he is a shit.

At the dining table, Marcus tells Noirin that she’s lazy. They argue about this. Marcus tells Noirin that because she keeps taking shortcuts to doing things. That is being lazy in Marcus’ opinion. They really argue. Noirin walks away. She took his comment the wrong way. He was just teasing her. His explanation was just wrong.

Marcus complains about Noirin to Freddie, who tells him to cut Noirin some slack. Siavash tells her that it’s probably caused by the conversation she had with him a few days about just being friends.

Most of the HM are in the garden. They are rehearsing for their circus acts. Freddie is throwing water balloons at Sophie. She is getting pissed off. Karly and Kris must become tightrope walkers. Karly can do it easily. Marcus, Siavash and Noirin must become strongmen. They have until 9PM tonight to walk 10 miles. Rodrigo and Lisa have to master a fan dance. Charlie must ride the unicycle. Dogface comes to the diary room. She asks for more balloons.

He’s already hit me in the lady bits.
Sophie about Halfwit

Freddie is shitty at throwing balloons. Charlie is having difficulty with the unicycle. Lisa and Rodrigo have been provided with nudity suits for their performance later today.

Marcus and Noirin are in the kitchen talking. He is complaining to her about her attitude. Noirin isn’t really listening. He is trying to apologize. She says to just leave it. She tells him to no longer compliment her. She just wants to be mates.

BB has gathered the HM to reveal this week’s noms. Charlie, Sophie and Kris already know that they have been nominated for rule breaking. Marcus and Halfwit are the others. Sophie thinks that she will be eviction.

Marcus, Halfwit and Noirin are in the kitchen. Marcus says that he’s not too bothered. He hasn’t been enjoying the tasks. He wouldn’t mind leaving. That and being rejected on telly is probably what is bothering him. Marcus thinks that either himself, Kris or Halfwit will be evicted.

All of the HM are gathered in the garden for Halfwit and Dogface. In order to pass, Halfwit has to hit five different targets. For some reason, Halfwit nails Dogface in the face with a balloon filled with red paint. Halfwit hit four of the five targets. It’s pretty funny.

Rodrigo and Lisa are getting ready to perform their fan dance. They have to cover their fake genitals at all times with fans.

The other HM will perform tomorrow. Marcus says that tits don’t bother him. He isn’t a tit man. Kris says that he’s a tummy, back and ass man. He says that big tits scare him. Karly, Sophie, Siavash and Haflwit are in the kitchen. When Halfwit leaves, the others talk about him. They like this new, relaxed Halfwit. Karly would have liked Freddie to be like this before.

Charlie is getting his head shaved off. Dogface, Karly and Siavash are in the kitchen. Dogface wonders how Siavash picks up girls. Siavash says that girls pick him up. Marcus shaves Freddie’s hair. Noirin says that her last two boyfriends were skin heads. I guess she means that they had shaven heads. When Marcus shaves Freddie, Kris remarks that Noirin’s are sparkling. It’s like new men are in the house. She hides her face.

Some of the HM are giving Halfwit a makeover. Karly and Lisa are talking about Freddie. They say that he was really nice today. Karly feels bad for what happened for him. Lisa also says so. Karly says that Freddie is on fire when she sees him made over. Noirin and Sophie say that Freddie is a good looking bloke. When he leaves to look at the mirror, the girls say that Freddie looks pretty hot. Noirin says that he looks like man with a sparkle in her eye.

* * * * *

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