34 KM Bike Ride

Today I had initially planned on doing a 70 km ride, but I started out a bit late. I just finished watching Stage 7 highlights from the Tour de France. It was very exciting. I left the house at 5PM. It was my luck that it actually started drizzling, even after I had checked the Weather Underground’s hourly updates. The WU said that there was 0% chance of rain, but there was.

I wasn’t really concerned. It was a light rain and I knew that I would be riding pretty fast, fast enough to distance the rain. The rain had cleared off most of the leisure bikers, but there were still some around. The first half of my ride was extremely fast. I think I shaved off a couple of minutes of my usual time just there. The second part was fast as well, though there was more traffic. It didn’t slow me down much.

I initially measure my soreness on how fast I can climb stairs. If I can run them up, I’m not that sore. If I can only hobble them up, then I am quite sore. Today, I wasn’t that sore. I didn’t feel that tired when I was accelerating. I guess that my body is adapting to the intense effort of blistering bike rides. My pace was fast. I completed 34 km in 42:47. That’s about 48 kph, which is really fast.

I’ve started taking the back roads in the Taipei riverside parks. It is usually wider and there is less traffic.

While I was looking for bikes, I came across the Taitung triathlon, which will take place in October. I think I’ll participate. It will be a 100 km bike ride, a 2.2 km swim and a 21 km run. Sounds like a great goal to train for. I’ll need to find a place to train for swimming.

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2 thoughts on “34 KM Bike Ride”

  1. Hey Ranjit,

    34km in 42.47km. I am not sure what your path is like, hills or flat, but doing 48km/h is very fast. I just got a new electric bicycle, which does 30km/hr on its own power for about 50km before requiring a recharge (lithion Ion)or if you peddle with some effort your speed is in the 34-40km range. I find if im just peddling hard with a downhill, i can break the 50km/hr mark.

    The only downpoint with my bicycle is that is a tank. It rides smooth, but weighs in at about 45 pounds. Without the motor the bike does about 20-25km/hr without peddling to hard (8 gears helps)

    Best of success on your triathlon.

  2. Hi Luke!
    I heard about your bike from Jo. I ride a Giant Anthem 0, a cross country racing MTB. It’s fitted out with hybrid tires, so it’s fast and it weighs only 25 lbs with the pedals.

    My path is pretty flat. There are a few little hills that require more effort. There is a lot of wind since I ride in riverside parks all the way. I ride really hard, crouching down and pedaling hard to speed up. I rarely stand up to pedal, as when you crouch down and pedal, it’s more of an effort. There are a lot of stops to avoid hitting pedestrians and leisure bikers, but I’ve really gotten into biking.

    My plan is to get a Giant TCR Advanced SL 0, a 15 lbs carbon fiber bike in the next few months. I’ll be able to ride a lot faster with that.

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