65 KM Bike Ride

Today, I made the mistake of having something to eat a few hours before my bike ride. That meant that I started getting drowsy about an hour after having eaten. That didn’t bode well for the bike ride. I debated between taking a nap or heading out on the bike. The weather was scorching hot and I almost went to take a nap.

Then, I decided to screw the nap. I drank a tea, which made me go to the bathroom and got ready for a longer bike ride. I decided on a two loop affair, in essence doubling my usual bike ride. As usual, the first part was pretty fast. I was a bit slower than yesterday, but still, it was fast. I was a few minutes slower than usual, but that was mainly due to the atrociously strong wind. It was the strongest wind that I’d faced on a ride. The only satisfaction I’d have was that on the way back, it would be in my back, not my face.

The bike path was loaded with people. I had to avoid lots of people and narrowly missed hurting a man. Thankfully, I wasn’t going fast and he only got a bit nudged. I said sorry and was on my way. I’ve taken to getting off the path in order to pass large amounts of traffic. Since I have a double suspension Anthem 0, that’s no problem.

The head wind almost made me reconsider doing two loops, but once I was over the Huajhong bridge, I just pedaled again and was on my way. I completed 65 km in 1:26:09. That’s an average speed of 45 kph. I’m pretty happy about that. Initially, I wanted to do 100 km, that would be a three-loop affair, but since I haven’t done that length before, I thought that it would be prudent to start with two-loops.

I had brought about 1L of water. It was enough for this ride. I still had some left over at the end. I think I could have done with a restorative or energy boosting drink during my ride. I’ll think about taking some Super Supau with me. That’s the local Gatorade drink. From time to time, I had to shake my arms. They were getting sore from being in the same position for that long.

I’ll need to buy another water bottle. Today, while I was waiting to go up the stairs, I refilled my bottle from a normal water bottle that I had brought, you know, one with a screw cap. One smart thing that I did was to put my bottles in the freezer a few hours before my ride. That meant that the bottle in my back pocket was slowly unfreezing and keeping me cool at the same time. There is nothing nicer than a cold drink when temperatures are scorching hot like they were today. Camelbak sells a sort of wearable hydration jersey. I don’t know how well it would perform on a bike. I’ve seen a few people with hydration bladders on their bikes. That might also be a option, or just a hydration pack. I’m not too keen on hydration packs. I think having two bottles on your bike, plus another one in you back pocket should be enough. That’s almost 2L and it should be enough for 2 hours.

Once again, I barely noticed the temperature. I couldn’t even tell you if it was hotter than yesterday. Today I also brought my lamp. Since I started my ride at 5:20PM, I knew that by the end, the sun would have set. Being visible is important.

I’m kind of amazed that I lasted this long without the proper shoes. I use my running shoes to bike, as the cleats for my bike shoes haven’t yet arrived. I’m getting some Shimano MTB shoe, in which you can easily walk. It was cheap and functional.

weekly km count: 235
yearly km count: 397
(FYI started in June 09)

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3 thoughts on “65 KM Bike Ride”

  1. We at VelEau, LLC are working hard to bring a bicycle mounted hydration system to market. It’s getting close w/ a couple of pro’s racing it in the BC Bike Race and finishing on the podium. The custom blow molded bottle mounts behind the saddle, w/ a pack fitted over it that has a pocket for what normally goes in a saddle bag, it holds 1.25 litres, and the novel tube routing and attachment system makes it easier to use than a hydration pack, way easier and safer than a bottle/cage. Three VelEau systems rocked the Cascade Cream Puff yesterday, 106+ miles w/ over 17K’ of rugged Oregon Cascade MTB terrain . . . you really don’t want to be wearing any kind of pack. We’ll be demoing more VelEau systems at MTB Oregon next weekend in Oakridge.

  2. Sounds interesting. I agree with not wearing a pack. However, I’ll be commuting to school using my bike, it’s only 10km, but I’ll clock in at least 20km a day doing this and I’ll just use a hydration bladder tucked away in an Osprey Atmos 25.

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