Big Brother UK S10E41 (Channel 4)

Sophie is nervous about Friday. Charlie has come to the diary room. He doesn’t like being nominated. He wants to stay and still wants to have fun. The HM are practicing their Vaudeville acts. Kris is doing well on the tightrope. Charlie still has trouble with the unicycle.

Marcus tells Noirin and Dogface that either he, Kris or Halfwit will go on Friday. Noirin agrees. Kris says that Sophie might go because she’s quiet. Lisa, Noirin and Kris are in the kitchen talking about Sophie. Sophie tells Karly and Rodrigo what Marcus said that Kris talked about her. Karly tells her not to worry because Marcus keeps spouting BS. She knows that Marcus will be evicted. Sophie asks Kris. Lisa, Karly, Kris, and Noirin come to comfort Sophie. They think that Marcus is a shit-stirrer. Sophie confronts Marcus, but he denies saying that. Siavash and Halfwit support Marcus, saying that he kept saying that either Marcus himself, Halfwit or Kris would be evicted. Kris comes to see them. Kris blames Marcus.

-People might say that Sophie is boring.
-Yeah, they might say that she hasn’t done a lot. God knows.
Marcus and Kris talking about Sophie

This whole situation stems from a paraphrased conversation that Kris and Marcus had, which was paraphrased wrongly by Marcus. He said that Sophie might be going because she’s quiet, at least that’s what Kris said earlier on.

Karly makes her first attempt at the tightrope. She makes it across, but falls off the end. Charlie can’t do the unicycle. He almost got it. Marcus, Siavash and Noirin must pull a 4 ton truck. They pull it from the garden. Marcus says that he can do it by himself from his bellend. They have to pull it 25 meters. They manage to pull it until a few feet. Noirin makes them stop because her hands hurt. They start up again 11 minutes later. They complete it.

Despite passing some tasks, HM failed the fan dance, paint throwing, stamina and unicycle challenge. They failed the task.

Siavash, Halfwit, Noirin and Marcus are talking about the group dynamics. Noirin wants to know why there is a divide. Marcus says that there is one because some people like drama.

There is a technical glitch in the show. They replay Charlie’s attempt at the unicycle. It takes about 30 seconds and it starts back up today.

Earlier today, BB provided the HM some alcohol in exchange for a token. Sophie tells Kris that they could get on. She said that she likes him a lot. She’s a bit drunk.

Noirin, Siavash, Marcus and Halfwit are talking. Siavash tells Noirin that her nickname is rabbit because she can run from group to group. Siavash says that he didn’t make up this name. Karly and Kris got that name for her. Charlie and Lisa are also involved. Marcus says that the two last ones didn’t come back with that name. Noirin says that she can be friends with a lot of people. Marcus says that she can be friends, but shouldn’t expect them to be friends with her.

Noirin tells Karly, Sophie and Lisa that she’s got a nickname that’s known in the house. Her name is bunny rabbit. Kris and Charlie are there as well. They get involved. They swear that they haven’t come up with that name. Siavash comes in and says that they called her a bunny rabbit. Siavash comes clean, but it’s all innuendos. Noirin goes to see Marcus. Marcus says that he isn’t getting involved. She leaves. Marcus tells Rodrigo that Noirin is rude. Karly is getting pissed off when her name is mentioned with Kris’. She denies it.

Karly is shouting at Siavash. Siavash says that he calls everyone a f*cking asshole. Noirin is also pissed off because people are telling her things that aren’t true.

Marcus whispers to Halfwit that Noirin just fed Siavash to the wolves. She’s a stone cold bitch. Or something implying this. Siavash walks away. Marcus comes to see Siavash. He cannot believe that Noirin just did that. Siavash isn’t going to talk to her anymore. Marcus says that Noirin was bang out of order. Siavash comes to see the group again and says that they should nominate each other next week. Noirin tells him that he shouldn’t talk about nominations. Siavash says that she just lost a very good friend.

It’s 2:14AM and all of the HM are still awake. Noirin tells Halfwit to shut the f*ck up. Halfwit starts to get pissed off. He tells Noirin that Siavash tried to help her and she repays him with this spectacle. He trusts what Siavash is saying. There was a lot of shouting.

* * * * *

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