My Dream Stable of Bikes

I’m not one for wishful thinking and indulging into folly, but I thought that it would be interesting to make a list of the bikes that I want to have in my stable. What’s important with this list is that it’s not an unlimited budget, get whatever you want type of thing. It’s more a plan of action of the types of bikes that I’d like to have and own.

Even though initially my plan was to get into mountain biking, since I am in Taiwan and there aren’t that many trails, I’ve just gotten back seriously into road biking. Of course I’d like to own a All Mountain as well as a Downhill MTB, but for now, I’ll concentrate on road bikes. The only caveat would be a carbon fiber frame for my Giant Anthem. I’d get the Anthem Advanced frame.

Giant TCR Advanced SL 0
Giant TCR Advanced SL 0

1. Giant TCR Advanced SL 0

With a great component list, including Zipp 404 wheels and completely decked out in SRAM Red, I’d make this bike my main workhorse. I’m planning on using it daily and getting a lot of mileage out of it. Since Giant bike prices are about 35% less than what you’d pay for back home, this makes this a premium ride for cheap. US MSRP for this bike is $7300, the price in Taiwan is $4800, without having really shopped around. My guess is that you could easily shave off another grand off that bike. I’ve toyed with using Campagnolo Super Record, but I don’t think that it would mesh well. Plus it’s at least a grand more.

09 Giant TCR Advanced SL 2
'09 Giant TCR Advanced SL 2

2. Year old spare bike

I’ve looked at a 2008 Trek Madone 5.2 and a 2007 TCR Advanced as a less premium bike to upgrade over time and to carry all of the components that I’d have left over from upgrades. This makes this my spare bike. I’d probably spend about a grand on this and it would be second hand, though I wouldn’t mind getting something new but from last year or a few years ago. Since I have a good relationship with a Giant bike shop, I’d like to see what old stuff they have in stock and what they can order, even from other shops around. My only criteria is that it’s carbon fiber and a fitted out medium spec, not low spec. I’d probably upgrade this bike with SRAM Red, which can be had for cheap here in Taiwan. The new models are coming out pretty soon. This means that there will be some great sales in Taiwan, perfect to get some steep rebates. The above

09 Giant Anthem Advanced
'09 Giant Anthem Advanced

3. Giant Anthem Advanced frame

I’d dump all of the components of my Anthem 0 on this bike, or simply build it up as a weight weenie with the latest SRAM XX groupo and Mavic Crossmax SLR. Since I’m not going to need this as much as the SL, I don’t mind taking a year to build this up as well.

09 Scott Addict Ltd
'09 Scott Addict Ltd

4. Scott Addict frame

With a boasted frame weight of 790 grams, the Scott Addict is the lightest road bikes on the market. I’d kind of make this my little Ferrari and build it up over a year or so. I’d spec it out in Campagnolo Super Record 11 and Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate wheels. In total, this bike would weigh about 13 lbs or 5.9kg. Prices in Taiwan are a bit cheaper than back home, but not significantly. My guess is that I’d use ebay and bike connections to get this fitted out. I’ve noticed that the Giant shops carry a lot of Scott, which could make this a great deal.

09 Giant Reign X0
'09 Giant Reign X0

Of the four bikes, I’m not sure I’ll get the Scott Addict. I might just get a Glory DH (2K) and Reign X0 (2K) instead, as we will be leaving for the US after Taiwan. It’s important to maximize the deals that I can get here in Taiwan. Spending money on something that I could easily assemble in the US would be pointless. I need to purchase the Giant bikes that are so cheap here instead.

I’ll also be checking into time trial bikes, though I don’t think that I’ll get one before I leave Taiwan. So if any bike companies want to sponsor me, send me an email. I’m open to deals.

09 Giant Glory DH
'09 Giant Glory DH

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