50 KM Bike Ride

I wasn’t teaching today in the afternoon, so I took the opportunity to catch up on some sleep. I usually get 5 hours sleep each night during the week, so a nap really helps out. Since I didn’t have any other plans than training, I took a longer nap.

Unfortunately, I was too tired in the morning or at noon to go out on the bike. I managed to get out at around 6:15PM. I knew that I would be riding after dark. Yesterday, I almost bought another LED flashlight. I was a little bigger and brighter than the one I had, but I didn’t get it. I also looked at some red LED rear lights. I’ll get those this week as it would be safer to ride with more lights. Some of the bikers here look like flashing Christmas trees because of all of the LED lights that they have on them and their rides.

I’m getting my biking shoes tomorrow if the cleats have arrived, so I wonder how that will change my performance. Clipped shoes allow you to maximize pedal strokes, even pedaling up instead of just pedaling down.

The first half of the ride was very quick. I completed it in 37 minutes. The second loop was done while the sun set. There were less people and I even saw a snake slithering around. I think that I do need a bit more illumination. Parts of the bike path get dark and not all bikers have proper lights. Still, I was going pretty fast. Once of the fastest bits is in Guting Riverside park. I used the highest gear during the first part and only noticed later during the second part that I hadn’t shifted down from the front gears. That meant that I had been pedaling quite hard and I was going faster than usual.

I completed my ride in 70 minutes with an average speed of 42 kph.

weekly km count: 50
yearly km count: 447
(started in June 09)

Author: range

I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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