Training Updates

Shimanos SPD SH-MT32L
Shimano's SPD SH-MT32L

Last night, I went into Taipei to pick up my cycling shoes. Oddly enough, the Shimanos that I tried on last time were way too big for my feet. The other model they had was uncomfortable, so I went with a cheaper, more comfortable shoe. Not that I really care that much since I will be mostly wearing them on the bike. I had to wait about a week and a half since I didn’t have the bottom brackets for my Time pedals.

However, it dawned on me that I could use these shoes to go to school. They are comfortable enough that I wouldn’t need any other shoes.

Last night, I dreamed about Fulcrum Red Racing Zeroes, Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimates, and SRAM. I’ve come to the realization that in order to ride ASAP, I’ll need to get a cheap frame and mount it with some premium parts. Obviously, the Mavic Carbones are out of the question. Even in Taiwan, I’ve found a pair for $2K. That’s still a bit too much. I kind of like the FSA Plasma stem as well.

My only criteria for a frame is that it’s lightweight and preferably carbon fiber. I’d like this to be my spare bike and cost less that $2K. Hopefully a lot less. The Fulcrum Red Racing Zero  wheelset is about $900. I can get the SRAM red groupo for about $750. That just leaves the frame and odds and ends.

The challenge is actually finding a frame that fits me. Size M frames are rare, either because everyone in Taiwan is S or XS or because it’s really popular. Two different stores gave me two different reasons. I tend to agree with the first one, because that store didn’t have any M frames or bikes at all. I’ve found a 2007 TCR Advanced Team T-Mobile frame in my size, it’s used and about $1,600 which kind of blows my budget. I always have to remember that for about $4K, I can probably get the Giant TCR Advanced SL 0 from this year.

Once shop tried to sell me a ’07 Giant TCR Advanced Team T-Mobile with Dura Ace for almost stock price minus the usual 20%. I almost laughed out loud. I’d expect to get at least $1K or $2K off. I’ll go back and make a lowballing offer to see if they bite, but I doubt it.

I’d love to get a cheap carbon fiber frame. JBL makes one for $760. After looking around what’s available second-hand in the US, I should be able to get something pretty good in Taiwan for that money.

Last night, I arrived home too late to train, so today, I’ll have to do double. I’ve got something between 70-110 km planned. Since I have the day off, it’s perfect.

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