Training Bike

Dream wheelset, Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimates
Dream wheelset, Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimates

After having talked with a few bike racers, I’ve come to understand that they have usually two bikes on hand. A training bike and a racing bike. The racing bike is the Ferrari, with the best components and the lightest kit, while the training bike is made to last and to take abuse.

I’d like to have a Giant TCR Advanced SL0 as my training bike. I’ve come to realize that the Kuota Kredo Ultra is a mean racing machine, also pretty good to train and to race. I don’t expect to get my racing bike anytime soon. I’ll just concentrate on a training bike. The difficulty is finding a frame that fits me. The other difficulty is making sure that it costs less than the SL0 so that I can train on it ASAP.

I’d like my training bike to have SRAM Red and Fulcrum Racing Red Zeroes, but that might not be possible initially. I’ve also come to realize that bikers tend to buy a bike and upgrade as they go along. It spreads out the cost of high quality parts and components. Once you have all of the components you like, you just change frames.

At my Giant shop, they’ve got a size M Kuota Kharma with Campag Centaur that’s pretty cheap. For me, it seems a bit of a waste of always going through parts, unless you sell them and recoup your loss. Still, if I can get a SRAM Red groupo cheaply, I’ll most definitely get that one. They had a locally made Titanium frame, which was pretty cheap. After the comments I’ve heard, I wouldn’t want to train on that. I’d like to train on a carbon fiber frame, as they are supposed to be quite responsive.

I saw the Colnago EPS again. It turns out that the buyer just bought the frame. The rest of the components were his from another bike. I also saw a Colnago Master X Light frame, an old school steel frame. It was strange. The Time RS Ulteam frame caught my eye until I learned of the price, $4,300. The Colnago EPS was $4,100. The other Ferrari in the shop was the Pinarello Prince decked out in Campagnolo Super Record. I think it was $8,300, though I’m not sure about this. Personally, I’d go for a Scott Addict frame, 790 grams.

The SL0 packs a lot of value for the $4,800 price tag. Zipp 404s, SRAM Red and the top of the line Giant frame. The frame weighs 1kg. The Kuota Kom weighs 900gr.






2 responses to “Training Bike”

  1. 50 KM Bike Ride « memoirs on a rainy day Avatar

    […] to send in a local incognito and ask around. I’m basically shopping for a carbon fiber training bike. I’d like it to be mid priced and pretty affordable. Ideally, I’d like to have a Giant […]

  2. Michael Cannon Avatar

    Which Giant shop are you shopping or recommend others to take a look through?

    What are you riding now? I’m on a Giant Bike Day ’09 LTD. This is a Giant Adventure series bike, not available outside Taiwan. I’m looking to go faster through a triple-crank Ultegra upgrade or bike swap.

    Like you, I’m starting to think of going the training and race bike route.

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