Big Brother UK S10E45 (Channel 4)

Last night, Kris was evicted. Lisa’s gang complains about Marcus’ morning breath. He comes to the diary room. Marcus is delusional. He still thinks that Noirin fancies him, even though she keeps going on about just being friends.

Sophie looks pretty bad. She isn’t pretty, she’s just got giant fake tits. Rodrigo is painting Noirin. Marcus has to move so that he doesn’t stare at her bum. Halfwit tells Siavash that it is hard to change people.

Dogface has been called to the diary room. She says that Marcus, Noirin and Halfwit haven’t been fazed by Kris leaving. Marcus and Halfwit are besotted with Noirin and will do anything that she wants. BB tells her that she has been talking about the noms. She knows. She told Karly to nominate her. This is against the rules. She will be punished. She will probably not be allowed to nominate.

Halfwit has come to the diary room. He’s happy with himself. Lisa scheming is apparent and Sophie has told everyone that she is gullible.

Marcus confides in Lisa that he thinks that there is something more between him and Noirin. Lisa doesn’t really believe it. Marcus keeps saying that there is 99.99% chance that nothing will come of it. Marcus is pathetic. He’s a total git for thinking that he’s got a chance with Noirin. That would be like a gimp going out with a supermodel.

Noirin is the in the diary room talking about Marcus because of BB. She tells BB that she is just friends with him, but he keeps trying to make something more of it. I think that at some point it might constitute harassment. Marcus tells also Halfwit that he’s got something going on with Noirin. His brain is just rotting.

For some reason, Noirin has got Halfwit tied up. Sophie wants to tickle him. Karly, Lisa and Charlie are at the Bus Stop talking about Marcus. They don’t believe that anything is going on. Lisa just thinks that Noirin is manipulating Marcus.

Siavash and Halfwit are feeding off each other’s egos. Marcus is painting Noirin’s back. She tells him that she likes him as a friend. He says that lots of people say that to him.

For some reason, Siavash and Sophie start screaming bloody murder. They get onto the furniture in the kitchen. They saw a spider. Halfwit takes care of it. Marcus is still painting Noirin’s back. He says that he’s not in love with her, but he’s got nothing to lose in chasing her. There isn’t anything else to do.

Lisa comes to the diary room. She isn’t happy. Lisa knows that Marcus fancies Noirin, but Noirin is just leading him own.

Marcus took 2.5 hours to paint Noirin’s back. It looks nice, but temporary. He painted a lioness chasing a gazelle.

Halfwit says that Sophie is a lot more fun since Kris left. She got tired of Lisa pulling her strings. She spent time with Marcus, Noirin, Siavash, and Halfwit.

* * * * *

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