Big Brother UK S10E46 (Channel 4)

It’s 9:30 AM. Dogface and Siavash are called to the diary room. Siavash says that their punishment for talking about the noms will be not being able to nominate. In order to not be automatically nominated, they can’t swear until 3PM. To make things clear, BB makes them a list. They can’t tell the HM what their punishment. Siavash says that they can’t talk to each other, otherwise he will swear.

Siavash isn’t speaking to the HM. It’s a good idea. He doesn’t last long. He talks to some of the HM and they wonder what his punishment really was. An hour later, Siavash and Sophie are confining themselves to the sitting room so that they don’t swear.

Noirin is in the diary room. She starts to cry. She says that the only time she felt like this was after her fight with Siavash. An hour later, Sophie swears. She says bloody. A few moments later, Siavash says a swear word so that he’s also nominated. They tell everyone that they are nominated for swearing.

BB confirms that Siavash and Dogface are nominated.

Marcus tells Lisa that Noirin would not be his ideal woman on the outside. He says that it helps him get through his day. There might be nothing there.

No one can nominate Siavash or Dogface.


Charlie             Marcus           Noirin
Dogface          Marcus            Noirin              “He is disgusting.”
Halfwit            Lisa                 Karly               “She’s Lisa’s pawn.”
Karly               Marcus           Noirin              “I’ve been stabbed in the back.”
Lisa                 Marcus           Noirin              “She’s being funny to me.”
Marcus          Lisa                 Karly
Noirin              Lisa               Karly               “She’s better than everyone else.”
Rodrigo           Lisa               Karly               “She only likes to smoke.”
Siavash            Karly             Noirin              “She isn’t my friend.”

Karly and Noirin are nominated. Interesting how the votes played out. It was all in the hands of Rodrigo and Siavash. They are the HM that talk with both groups. They are the swing votes.

Lisa, Sophie and Karly think that Halfwit is really alright. He doesn’t argue anymore. He’s chill and funny.

Last week, Karly and Lisa decided just to eat lentils to keep their shopping money for cigarettes. Marcus asks them about this. Karly is sticking to the agreement, but Lisa isn’t. She thinks that people shouldn’t mind giving her a bit of food, with Kris gone. Charlie says that Noirin probably mentioned it to Marcus. Sophie comes out and says what Marcus just said. Lisa goes back inside to confront them about what has been said about the food and the fags.

Lisa comes to argue. Noirin says that they should also get some money to get something for themselves as well.

Noirin and Marcus are by the pool. She’s upset about the other people. She says that it’s good to get this out. Marcus tries to prey on her by asking for a hug, she refuses.

Lisa pumps herself up with Sophie and Karly because of Marcus and Noirin.

* * * * *

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