Big Brother UK S10E48 (Channel 4)

Noirin has to compete in some challenge wearing a fake horse. She has to compete against Frederico. He tells her that Michael Jackson is dead. He runs pretty fast and has to run around two times. He drops one of the bars. If Noirin doesn’t drop the bars she will win. Noirin goes to the diary room. Karly guesses that someone famous has died. BB confirms to Noirin that MJ passed away. She is permitted to share this info with the rest of the HM. The HM are shocked to hear this news.

Sophie has to sing a hymn. She has a terrible voice. She can’t sing. Noirin asks Rodrigo to help her enjoy the next few days.

Sophie is singing against Michelle from BB5. Michelle sings very nicely. Obviously Dogface is going to fail. Dogface is terrible. It’s really bad. She can’t hold a note. It turns out that the viewers are going to decide. Oh well, she was still atrocious.

Siavash must take place in the boxes task from BB6 against two of BB6 HM, Craig and Makosi. He has to stay in the box for as long as possible. They get into their boxes. They’ve been in their boxes for 19 minutes. Most of the HM are in the garden. They are listening in to what is happening in the sitting room. Makosi tells Siavash that there is a second BBUK house with 12 other contestants. Craig supports her lie. It’s funny to hear Siavash swear.

1:24 minutes later, they are still in their boxes. Makosi tells Siavash that they are really naïve. The other HM hear all of this.

Marcus and Halfwit are in the kitchen. Marcus tells Halfwit that the fags broke the budget. Dogface obsesses about the fact that Makosi said that three is a crowd about Kris, Charlie and Dogface. She tries to talk it over with Karly, but they aren’t that smart and can’t really figure things out.

Makosi has left the BBUK house. The other have been in there for 2:34. Craig gets out. Siavash wins. Siavash tells the HM that Makosi blended in some truth with some BS. They have to take it with a grain of salt.

Marcus has a talk with Sophie. Siavash, Noirin and Rodrigo are in the pool. Lisa and Karly are in the kitchen analyzing what Makosi said.

At 1:16AM, Siavash, Marcus and Noirin talking in the kitchen. It looks like Siavash and Noirin have started a dialog. Marcus and Noirin have a little tiff. She says that Marcus is making her feel uncomfortable. His constant compliments make her feel uncomfortable.

* * * * *

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