Big Brother UK S10E49 (Channel 4)

Siavash and Halfwit are jamming in the bathroom. Karly and Lisa are coming to the diary room to beg for fags. BB refuses to give them any. They go digging through the ashtray.

For Karly’s challenge, she must take part of the silent disco task from BB7. She is wearing a thong over tights. She is playing against Nikki. Nikki says that she can’t stand Marcus. If HM fail one more task, they will fail the shopping task. Marcus keeps checking Nikki out. It’s kind of creepy. Nikki drinks some water.

1:37 into the task, Nikki just walks off. Karly is still dancing. 20 minutes later, she is told to stop. She tells Lisa and Sophie that Nikki hates Marcus. Some of the HM plan on protesting. They have yet to decide what they are protesting for.

Charlie is playing against Brian Bello. Brian must prove that he is a cunning linguist. Brian is getting briefed in the diary room. He has to say synonyms of boobs. Brian is funny to watch. Charlie has to say as many synonyms of ugly. He’s rubbish. This means the HM failed the shopping task.

After Brian left, the HM decide to climb onto the roof. BB immediately warns them to get off. It’s for Health and Safety reasons. BB says that any HM not coming down could be removed from the house. Siavash squeals that he is afraid of heights. Marcus has to help him down.

Marcus has been called to the diary room. He is told not to climb the roof anymore, the roof isn’t made to hold their weight. Marcus comes out and says that they can do whatever they want but it has to be safe. The HM scramble to get the fire extinguisher and play with it in the garden. Marcus and Siavash dump the bathtub into the pool. Freddie jumps into it. The plastic cactus goes in next, followed by the clothes presser. Rodrigo isn’t happy. BB tells the HM that they aren’t allowed to damage the fixtures.

Rodrigo starts arguing. Freddie is all pissed off at him. He says that it’s about standing up for their rights.

All of the HM have been called to the diary room. They will not leave the diary room until they get what they want. They then cover the cameras and microphones.

Rodrigo, Lisa and Karly leave. They want Charlie and Sophie to leave, but they stay in the diary room.

An hour later, they are still in the diary room. BB categorically refuses to give them treats or a party. They leave the diary room. Siavash and Marcus decide to put washing liquid on the mirrors. Noirin joins them.

There is always something to eat girls.
Siavash to Sophie and Karly

Rodrigo tells BB that he is the only one he trusts.

* * * * *

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