Big Brother UK S10E50-51 (Channel 4)

So five new HM are going into the BBUK house.

Since the HM climbed the roof, threw the furniture in the roof and tampered with the fixtures, BB has removed all of the furniture. Rodrigo and Lisa are pissed off. Halfwit finds it funny. Siavash and Marcus are in the bedroom. Halfwit is getting on people’s nerves again. He’s rejoicing in the fruits of their protests.

For the final task, Marcus has to pass the electric shock task from BB9. He’s competing against Rex. Rex tells Marcus to keep ignoring her. The task is to put a handle through a wire course. Each time he touches the wire, the HM get shocked. Rex immediately touches it a few times. The HM are already dreading it. Lisa is complaining. Noirin is crying. Marcus is encouraging Rex to shock the HM.

Each HM that stays in their shock suit, the HM receive a token. Halfwit comes to the diary room to say that his suit isn’t working well.

Noirin is getting pissed off at Marcus. Marcus isn’t doing anything. He’s just telling Rex to shock them some more. Lisa wants to take off her suit. Rodrigo is vehemently against it. Lisa takes it off. Lisa is a weak little bitch. Noirin takes it off as well. She is crying like a baby. Rex leaves it on for a few seconds. Lisa is laughing. Rodrigo is mad at her. Halfwit tells her that they are being part of a team.

Rex got as far as section 4. Marcus gets past section 5 and passes his task. Before Rex leaves, Marcus shocks the HM a few times. Despite this, the HM failed the shopping task because 4 HM failed their tasks.

Noirin is fine. She found it funny to see the people getting shocked. Charlie gets a token for wearing the shocking suit. Charlie is told that he can take the token or exchange it for a prize. He’s going to get bummed. He exchanges it for the prize.

Charlie asks for a McDonalds’ meal. Dogface exchanged her token to see her dog tomorrow. Halfwit takes the token back into the house. We will see which HM are selfish. Karly takes a prize. She wants a party and fags. She goes bonkers when she is told that she will get 46 fags for her token.

Marcus exchanges it for a prize. He gets a guitar and speakers for an hour or a date with Noirin. He takes the date. Rodrigo asked for a letter for his family. Siavash exchanged a token for some food and alcohol.

BB has delivered Charlie’s, Karly’s and Siavash’s prizes. Karly shares her fags with Lisa. Siavash has got a lot of food for his token. The bag of crisps is pretty large. Karly and Lisa tries to light the matches, but they don’t work. She runs into the house and grabs a token. Siavash goes with her into the diary room. BB says that they aren’t getting any fire. Karly starts to cry. The matches and lighter are available from the shopping list. Siavash is still in the diary room. Meanwhile, Marcus dries the matches in the kitchen and gets it to light. Karly is still crying. He shows the girls what he has done. They are thankful.

The next day, the HM are dressing up in each other’s clothing. Rodrigo calls Charlie a bitch and slaps him. Charlie slaps him back and calls him raunchy. They are wearing Siavash’s clothes and they are throwing water around. The bitch slap each other and call each other some names. Rodrigo gets mad when he threw water on his bed. He throws oil all over Charlie’s bed and throws the bottle at his face. It’s made out of plastic. Rodrigo is called to the diary room.

Rodrigo has just gone too far. It’s because Charlie is pushing his buttons constantly. BB tells him that there is a difference between throwing a glass of water and a bottle of oil. It was a lot more aggressive. Noirin tells Rodrigo that he needs to calm down.

Eviction Night BBUK S10E51

5 new HM are going out. Then one BBUK HM is leaving.

The first new HM is Kenneth, a self made player. He is Karly’s boyfriend. He’s rich and Asian. He grew up in NYC and Hong Kong. He’s already getting booed. He steps into the house. He might only have a few moments with her.

For some strange reason, Rodrigo has to hug Kenneth before Karly. He’s such a git.

Bea is a recruitment consultant. She’s lazy and 24-years old. She might fit in well with Halfwit. She wants to live in a commune and doesn’t believe in monogamy. She loves clothes, so Siavash will like her too.

David is a recycled clothes sorter. He is gay. He loves designer clothes. He looks ridiculous. Hira is a 25-year old fashion designer. She’s Pakistani and is in an arranged marriage. She’s been in the UK for a year. She’s Muslim and practicing, so she prays five times a day. The crowd hates her.

Tom is a 27-year old property surveyor. He’s got big biceps. He’s pretty full of himself. The crowd likes him best, but there are still some boos.

Davina talks with the house. Karly is evicted. That’s pretty funny. She just saw her boyfriend for about 20 minutes. She is going to get a lot of boos. Noirin is talking a lot about how cruel this is.

Karly is getting interviewed by Kathy Burke and Judy James. Judy says that Ken could unit the HM because they might feel threatened by him. Kathy says that Karly’s downfall was teaming up with Lisa. She was an easy target.

She is shown footage of her at the Bus Stop. She was talking about gaining weight but it looked like they were bitching. It was her body language that was threatening as well. Karly says that Marcus is a disgusting, greedy pig. The fact that she disliked him so much made her a target because Marcus was an aspirational alpha.

BB will be spoiling the fun of the newbies. One new HM is called to the diary room. Ken and Hira run for it. Hira gets there first. She breaks a nail and she doesn’t know how to open the door. All of the new HM face eviction next week. The only way to save themselves is if they complete a joint secret mission. The two names she pulls out of the box have to be nominated. If she is successful, the new HM will not be nominated. They will face the public vote, not the newbies. She pulls out Halfwit first. The next one is Noirin. She cannot discuss nominations. She cannot nominate, nor will any of the new HM. She can only inform the new HM about the mission. Hira is a bit stupid. She doesn’t understand what just went on. She can barley understand her mission. She was told to take the hamper out, but she doesn’t for some reason because she is stupid as a stick.

Immediately, the HM know that she has a task.

* * * * *

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