Big Brother UK S10E52 (Channel 4)

Charlie and Rodrigo rare cleaning up Charlie’s space after Rodrigo threw cooking oil at it. Strangely enough, the HM are speculating about possible intruders.

Marcus says that his favorite Noirin is the one on two cans of cider. Noirin says that she goes a bit crazy when she is drunk. She loses all inhibitions. She says that she is also an exhibitionist when she is drunk. These are all good things, especially for Marcus.

Marcus and Noirin are called to the diary room. Noirin is asked on a date by Marcus. Noirin finds it very sweet. They get oysters, strawberries covered in chocolate sauce and spaghetti and meatballs. They dance to Noirin’s favorite song.

The HM guess that Marcus is on a date with Noirin when they don’t appear after a while. Lisa and Sophie persist in denigrating Marcus and his feelings for Noirin. Charlie says that it’s sweet.

Dogface spends time with her dog. Siavash says that it looks like a rat. Karly likes it.

It’s eviction night. New HM enter. Charlie met Bea last year during the audition process. Ken and Karly have some private time in the bathroom. Karly is evicted.

Hira tells Tom about their secret mission. She needs to get Halfwit and Noirin nominated. She tells David. Hira is dumb. She can barely talk. She also tells Ken. Ken says that it will be impossible to get Halfwit nominated. Noirin will be easy. So they will be nominated.

Marcus tells the original HM that Hira is an idiot. Tom was put in the house to compete with him. There is no contest. Tom is way better looking and has got bigger muscles, but I like Marcus way better.

Ken is in the diary room. I’m already tired of his voice. I fast forwarded through this part. It was just too boring. He’ll get evicted or Hira.

David tells Bea about the secret mission. Bea and Halfwit are drinking champagne at the Bus Stop.

Halfwit tells Noirin that he really likes Bea. He also likes talking with Ken. Noirin is surprised how much of an opposite Ken is to Karly.

Bea comes to the diary room. She likes him. She finds it hard to comply with the secret mission.

Noirin, Marcus and Sophie talk about the new HM. Marcus says that Hira is dumb and Tom is talkative. Siavash and Rodrigo join them.

Charlie tells Marcus that BB has paired off the HM. Halfwit and Bea, Kenny and Karly, David and Charlie.

* * * * *

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