Rest Day

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Time RXR Ulteam by Lookatmybike

After riding 170 km over the last three days, I felt like a rest. It wasn’t planned, but in the end, I decided to rest. I ended up teaching from 6-8PM, so that cut into my usual work out time.

Since I couldn’t find compression socks or tights, I use bandages. They have worked well. That coupled with contrast showers has helped me recuperate. I’ve noticed a big difference in my level of soreness between this morning and this afternoon. This means that I’ll be pretty fresh tomorrow. I’ve noticed that I’ve started eating more over the last few days. My body definitely needs certain things and I have to provide them. I’ll have to get some granola bars so that I can get the urges for food under control.

So this week, I rode 220 km. Without knowing it, I’m kind of doing time trial training, the kind that you do for triathlons. Though I have gone on 2 hour rides, I plan on stepping it up this week and going for a few centuries to rack up the mileage.

I still haven’t put together a tool kit, but I’ll need to do so this week. With longer rides, come the possibility of mechanical trouble. Since I ride loops around a set 25 km course, I rarely stray too far from home, but I’ve had to take a taxi already when my chain broke two weeks back.

I’ve come to a decision regarding my road bike. Instead of putting together a straight training bike, I’ll come to a compromise. If the Wilier Cento Uno is at the price that the store mentioned and it is in my size, I’ll buy the frame. It’s a high end frame, cheaper in Taiwan since it was made here at the Mitsubishi factory. I’ll then buy some components second-hand. I don’t expect to pay more than $550 for a full gruppo, probably a used Dura-Ace set. I have a spare saddle. Even though I’d like the Antares by Fi’z:ik: and an FSA Plasma handlebar, I’ll settle for  either used parts or cheap ones.

The only issue is the wheels, which I’ll probably also get used. I just can’t afford spending $1K or $2K on wheels. That will just have to wait. Ideally, I’d like two pairs. One alloy (Fulcrum Racing Red Zeros) and one carbon fiber (Mavic Cosmic Carbone Ultimate). The Fulcrums retail here for about $1K. If I can find a used pair for $400-500, that would be sweet. Otherwise, I’ll just get what I can.

My reasoning is as follows. I’ll have a premium frame, onto which I can easily upgrade components over the coming weeks. The leftover components, which will most likely be an old Dura-Ace gruppo, will then go onto a training bike frame that I’ll get in a few months. Since it will take me at least 3 or 4 months to get my bike the way I want it, it will take that long for me to get another frame.

In an ideal world, I’d get a Pinarello Prince or Time RXR Ulteam frame as my racing bike next year. We’ll see. For now, I think my problem is mostly solved. I wouldn’t really want to get  a used carbon fiber frame. You never know what you’re going to get, except if you buy it at a bike shop. I’ll have to ask if there are any second-hand bike shops in Taipei. There probably are.

Before I get or order anything, I’ll find out where the bike center is in Taipei. There always is one part of town, usually a street or an alley, that is full of the same shops. There is camera street, the computer market district, clothing district, etc.

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