70 KM Night Bike Ride

This is the exact frame they have at the shop
This is the exact frame they have at the shop

Today I had some time off, so I went to the Giant shop to repair my disc brake. The disc was a little bent. It took about 20 minutes and the service was free, even though the bike was bought in Canada.

I talked bikes with Edward and he showed me the Wilier carbon fiber frame. It’s a Wilier Cento, not Cento Uno. That design is from 2006. The bike itself is from 2008. He made the first move in telling me the price. I’ll have to negotiate since this frame is older and not worth the same price as a new Cento Uno frame, which can be had for about $3,000.The Cento frame can be had for about $2,100.

It was funny because he put the frame in my hands and told me to check it out. I had it in my hands for about 20 minutes. It’s extremely light. It comes with a fork and headset. It weighs about 950g and it’s my size. Unlike the Cento Uno, it doesn’t have an integrated seatmast. In this price range, there is the Kuota Kom, the Giant TCR Advanced SL and a few other frames. I’ve been told that the Kom is a great climber, and from my research it’s also does descents great.

I haven’t found much information about the TCR SL frame. There aren’t that many reviews out there and at my shop, no one uses Giant road frames. They use Colnago, Time, De Rosa and Scott.

The Kom and the SL have both seatmasts and the Kom weighs abut 900g. The Giant frame is about 1kg. In my mind, the Kom seems to be the best deal since it will sell for about $2,400. The Giant SL is at the same price. The thing is that the Kom will have to be ordered. One way or the other, I need to find some cheap components ASAP. Edward showed me the new Pinarello Dogma FPX frame that they have, which is even more expensive than the Prince. It retails for $5,500 and uses magnesium. It weighs about 1,2 kg but it’s perfect for people who are bigger and heavier than usual riders. I’m a weight weenie, so I like the Prince better, though I just saw that for ’10, they will release a Dogma Carbon.

Back to the ride. I intended to do 100km but stopped at 70km. I was getting out of gas and I didn’t want to overtire myself. I agreed to join the Sunday morning Giant ride. It will be 120 km and leaves at 5:50AM. We are going to the North and I look forward to discussing bikes with the other foreigner in this group.

Anyway, I was also a bit leery of being too tired to ride. It was getting close to 9:30PM and I wanted to get some food. My stomach was actually growling during the ride.

After I had my bike repaired, I bought a rear tail light. They showed me the brightest one, which is made in Taiwan. $18 later, I also had a spare tubular for my tires. Popped both of them into my toolkit and went home to relax for a few hours.

I watched both stages of the Tour de France. It was very exciting. Bradley Wiggins has become a really top notch cyclist. I loved how the Schleck brothers constantly attacked. Contador was on their tail, and Armstrong wasn’t that near. He was chasing them. In the end, Schleck senior won the stage, Contador let them win because it didn’t matter to him. He had gained almost 2 minutes on Armstrong. The Schlecks moved into #2 and #3 spots.

I took a quick nap because I hadn’t slept much and didn’t take an afternoon nap. For some reason, I spilled my contact liquid so I had to sleep with my contacts. I woke up at 6:45PM and debated what to do. I could just stay in bed and sleep a few more hours, I knew that I needed that. That would make achieving my training goals for the week harder. Or I could just go out and ride. I briefly toyed with the idea of getting up early tomorrow and doing two rides in one day, but I decided against it. I fed the pets and readied myself for the ride.

This time around, there was a strong wind on the Taipei part of the path. I did the first 25 km in about 36 minutes. The first 50 km was done in 1:07. I completed 70 km in 1:42. That’s an average speed of 41.2 kph. Unlike last week, I felt out of gas only towards the end of the ride. It might have been that a group of riders passed me quite quickly, and I decided to augment my speed to try and follow them. I accelerated, but lost them. They were on skinny road bikes. They also didn’t have 60 km in their legs.

I noticed that there were more people training at night than at around 5PM when I usually go. I prefer going during the day, because of the visibility, but it’s a lot cooler at night.

weekly km count: 120
monthly km count: 680
yearly km count: 737
(started in June 09)

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