50 KM Night Mud Bike Ride

Kuota Kom

Note to self: don’t go cycling after a thunderstorm, you just end up all muddy and covered in water.

Naturally, I went out right after the thunderstorm. I had waited about an hour or so and thought that the paths would be somewhat dry. I was wrong. That didn’t stop me from riding.

One thing that almost made me reconsider was that one of the on-ramps from a bridge was half covered in bathroom tiles. How do bathroom tiles get when they are wet? Slippery, very slippery. Thank God that I wasn’t going fast. I was almost at a standstill when I slipped. I caught myself on the railing. While I continued riding, I debated with myself if I should cut my ride short, for safety reasons. It was already dark and I still had 30 km to ride. In the end, I didn’t but I won’t be attempting that again.

I was covered in muddy water. Mud and water doesn’t bother me, but in Taiwan, the water can come from garbage. There are loads of garbage trucks and depots around the Xindian river.

Anyway, the first 25 km was done in 36:30. That’s 41 kph. The second 25 was done in 33:30, so that’s 44.78 kph. I’m surprised. I expected to be slower because of the rain, but towards the end, I just wanted to go home. An average speed of 42.9. That’s not too bad.

Against my better judgment, the boys at the Giant shop convinced me to come with them tomorrow morning. I have trouble getting up really early as I usually go to bed late. Well, tomorrow I have to be up by 5AM and be at the shop at 5:50AM. I don’t know if I’ll make it, but there is a nice flat 120 km waiting for me, that won’t be done in a loop. We will be going north.

I’m surprised how slippery it was out there. It doesn’t make for a pleasant ride, but there weren’t many people out, so that evens things out.

weekly km count: 170
monthly km count: 730
yearly km count: 787
(started in June 09)

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I'm mathematician/IT strategist/blogger from Canada living in Taipei.

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