Big Brother UK S10E53 (Channel 4)

The new HM are settling in. Marcus has come to the diary room. He sees Tom as a potential threat for Noirin’s affections. She doesn’t like him. Marcus doesn’t like that they know about them and what has happened thanks to the show.

David tells Hira to badmouth Noirin and Halfwit so the original HM nominate them. Ken tells Lisa that he would never get Karly’s named tattooed because it’s 2009 and relationships change. There will always be temptations. Doesn’t sound like a faithful guy to me.

Bea, Lisa and David are talking about their height and their weight. Ken and Tom are talking about their secret mission. Ken says to get them emotional about things. Tom says that Halfwit is going to be a problem. Tom mistakenly thinks that he can talk about nominations. He’s already broken the rule a few times. I hope they get punished. Ken also broke them. BB told Hira specifically that they can’t talk about nominations.

Halfwit is in the diary room. He likes Bea and the new HM. He sees a clash between Marcus and Tom because of Noirin. He says that Bea is his type.

David is stepping into his role as Lisa’s new lieutenant. He’s trying to influence her to nominate Noirin again. He mentions her name casually, offhand.

Dogface has come to the diary room. She says that Bea is a female version of Freddie. He fancies her.

David tries to convince Bea to complete the task. They talk about nominations and David tells her that they can’t talk about the noms. Bea thought they could for this task. He tries to force her to go onward.

BB has invited the HM to a party to celebrate BB’s 10th anniversary. Ken keeps showing off his money, his expensive clothes and his money. He shows Lisa and Sophie is 3000£ snakeskin shoes.

Bea and David are talking about Noirin. They say that she hasn’t talked to them. They are trying to further their mission.

Meanwhile, Siavash and Noirin are talking about Tom. Marcus has been quiet.

The HM get a party and music to celebrate BB’s birthday. At the Bus Stop, Bea and Halfwit are flirting. Meanwhile, Marcus and a tipsy Noirin are flirting as well. Lisa whines that her drink was stolen.

Ken and Tom are appreciating Noirin’s physical attributes. Noirin and Tom are in the bathroom talking about Tom. Noirin admits to flirting with him. She says that Marcus fancies her, but she doesn’t fancy him, even though she repeatedly told him that she only wants to be friends. Noirin and Sophie agree that Ken is very flirty. They agree that he’s a womanizer.

The HM have called a meeting to find Lisa’s missing drink. Siavash says that he knows who took the drink. He says that he will give the chance to the person to come clean. No one speaks out. Siavash says that he saw Tom take the can. He denies it.

Later, Tom and Noirin are talking. She says that there is nothing between Marcus and her, but he’s her best friend. Noirin says that all her life, people have been telling her what she wanted to hear. Marcus is the first to really tell her the truth and tell her when she’s being an idiot. Siavash and Tom make friends again.

Sophie tells Marcus that Noirin likes Tom. Tom is right there. She asks if Marcus is alright with that. Marcus tells her that Tom is a tosser. He’s been watching BB all this time. Nothing he says is genuine. He’s a gameplayer.

Later Tom, Lisa and David are at the Bus Stop. David tells Tom that Noirin likes him. Tom says that she is pretty, but he doesn’t really know her. David says that she’s Marcus’ girl. Tom says that he doesn’t need to say this, everyone knows this. Lisa asks Tom if he is scared of Marcus. Tom says that he isn’t and he isn’t going to upset anyone.

Rodrigo, Sophie, Bea and Charlie tell Noirin that she fancies Tom. Sophie and Charlie tells Bea that Freddie fancies her. Bea says that she isn’t interested in Freddie. Bea gets upset. Charlie says that she needs to tell Freddie that. She is flirting heavily with Halfwit.

Noirin and Tom get into bed because Sophie calls him over. Marcus goes to bed. Tom wonders if Marcus saw them together under the covers. Noirin keeps saying that she didn’t do anything.

Some of the original HM are talking about Tom. Marcus says that he will set him straight tomorrow.

* * * * *

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