Big Brother UK S10E54 (Channel 4)

Lisa, David and Hira are working out in the garden. Actually, Lisa is just smoking Karly’s fags.

Noirin and Tom are in the kitchen. He asks her if she talked to Marcus last night. Tom is prying and wants to find out what was said. Noirin doesn’t say anything.

In the garden, there is a lovefest going on between Hira and Lisa. Marcus and Tom are talking about doing some karate. Noirin and Dogface talk about Kenny. They think that he is too touchy feely. Ken said that what first attracted him to Karly was the sex. Noirin says that Ken talks like Karly is a product. Noirin and Dogface say that Hira is being very fake.

Marcus and Tom are talking about Noirin. Marcus says that he has to have a word with Freddie about Bea. Bea isn’t into Freddie at all. Marcus and Noirin confer. Marcus tells Noirin that Tom has just changed his game plan since he found out that the old one wasn’t going to work. Noirin tells Marcus that Tom has been prying. He’s been chasing Sophie and Noirin. Noirin doesn’t like to be played.

Ken and Tom are in the kitchen talking about their secret mission. Hira joins them. Ken says that all that Bea has to do is to kiss up to Freddie and manipulate him and the deal is done. Siavash walks in and they start talking about porridge. A few minutes later, Ken and Tom are talking strategy. Ken is a player. He isn’t really bothered about being faithful to Karly. He basically doesn’t give a shit about her.

David comes to see BB. He says that no one is working on the mission and he isn’t going to bother. It puts him in a bad light if this is revealed to the original HM. He wants to be put up.

Sophie and Lisa are talking about Tom. Sophie is worried about Tom. He got into bed with her last night. Lisa gives her advice on how to stop his advances.

Sophie talks with Siavash about Tom and Ken.

Ken and David are talking to Bea. She says that she isn’t participating in the secret mission. Ken tries to coach Bea to make Halfwit talk about nominations. That would make BB nominate him. Ken is a sly bastard. Bea says that she would never do that. Ken tells Lisa that he would like a threesome with Sophie and Karly.

Noirin tells Marcus that Lisa is back to her nice self in order to gather some more troops.

The new HM are talking in the kitchen. Bea still won’t do it. They are a bunch of sneaky bastards. Bea comes to the diary room. She is pissed off at the new HM. She isn’t doing it. She can’t believe that the HM suggested her doing this. She can’t believe that they thought it was a good idea. She’s offended that she would think it is a good idea.

Ken is pestering Sophie again. He keeps touching her. He’s a total git. Tom joins in to pester her some more.

Siavash and Noirin are talking about the new HM. Marcus and Halfwit are talking about Ken. Marcus says that he is a game player and that he is trying to prove to himself how good he is.

Tom and Ken are talking about the group dynamics. Tom remarks that Noirin, Lisa and Marcus have pulled back from them. Tom says that he doesn’t trust Charlie and Noirin. Tom says that Noirin is a game player. Ken sees that Marcus and Noirin are a threat. They can work together to threaten them. Ken is overly confident. Ken and Tom are talking about Dogface. Ken says that Sophie is the type of girl that you screw and not call back. Ken says that she needs to lose weight. Tom says that her titties are way too big. They keep talking about Sophie for over an hour.

Dogface is in the diary room. She misses Karly. Ken is being quite flirty. She doesn’t like it. Ken keeps putting Karly down and Sophie doesn’t like it.

The girls are talking about the boys. Marcus and Noirin are in the bathroom. Noirin tells him that he shouldn’t be so morose. She doesn’t use that word. Marcus says that he won’t pretend to anyone. Noirin says that they can’t be friends. She doesn’t want to lead him on. They are friends, nothing more. She tells him clear as day that she doesn’t like him that way.

Some of the HM are in the sitting room. Everyone except Marcus has cried in the house. Rodrigo says that Ken will cry soon. David is in the diary room. He would like to get to know Rodrigo more. He’s attracted to him.

Lisa and Marcus are talking at the Bus Stop about Noirin. Everyone time he says something to her, she recoils from him. Lisa says that Noirin just wants him as a friend. Marcus isn’t her type. Marcus still nurses a hope that she will be with him. When she gets drunk, she’s completely different. The house kind of revolves around Noirin.

Lisa and Ken are talking. BB has called Dogface to the diary room. Sophie says that she has been trying to keep away from him. She finds him weird in the way that he keeps trying to get with her.

Marcus tells Noirin that what Ken is doing to Sophie borders on sexual harassment. She should complain. Marcus says that Sophie is just too nice. Noirin says that Karly’s relationship is a joke.

* * * * *

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