Big Brother UK S10E55 (Channel 4)

Ken tells Charlie and Rodrigo that he should stop messing about with Karly. Charlie tells Ken that if his boyfriend was flirting on telly, he would just finish it.

Tom has come to the diary room. He says that Noirin will probably go up anyway. Freddie is something harder. He says that he has to concentrate on Bea so that she influences Halfwit.

Noirin, Charlie, Siavash and Haflwit are talking about Ken. They don’t like him. He’s a total git. Noirin says that he hasn’t got a lot of junk in his trunk. She checked it out.

Ken, Tom and Bea are talking in the bedroom. Bea doesn’t want to get involved in the task. Ken tries to bully her but she isn’t complying. It must be so frustrating for him that Bea isn’t obeying him. Bea says that she is trying to have a problem with Kenny. Kenny is aggressive and a bastard. He tries to apologize because Tom forces him to.

HM have been told that they will nominate later today. Bea and Halfwit are at the Bus Stop talking about Kenny. Bea says that Ken is a showoff. She doesn’t like him at all. Bea tells Charlie that Ken tried to make her do something, but it didn’t work. She can’t talk about it. Charlie says that Ken said that Bea tried to intimidate him, but it didn’t work. Kenny is in the garden. He starts swearing and getting riled up. Bea says that she has nothing to say to him. She tells him to go away. Ken says that she started this by asking him if she intimidated him. Bea is really holding her own. Kenny looks like a git.

Seriously, calm down mate, you’re going to give yourself a nosebleed.
Bea to Ken

Siavash is getting is ass waxed. It’s pretty hairy.

Later, Kenny says that on the outside it would have been fine. No one messes with him on the outside. He’s talking to Rodrigo, Charlie and Lisa. Charlie tells Ken that he cares for Karly and Ken doesn’t respect her enough. He’s here flirting with Sophie and Noirin, and that’s wrong. Charlie tells Ken to behave himself. Ken says that he loves Karly. It doesn’t sound true. Karly seems to be a possession to him.

Charlie tells Bea what just happened with Kenny. Ken said that he would have someone handle Bea on the outside, he wouldn’t have to deal with the situation. Bea has gotten really upset and goes to the diary room. She says that Ken would pay someone to deal with her on the outside. It sounds clearly threatening. BB reassures her that BB doesn’t tolerate threatening behavior as HM’s safety is paramount. They will review the footage.

Tom tells Kenny that he needs to be careful with the way that he says things. The original HM are having a meeting in the garden. Siavash wants everyone to get nominated by talking about nominations. That sounds idiotic. Charlie and David thinks it’s a bad idea. Charlie says that they need to play by the rules.

Kenny tries to talk with Bea, but she isn’t hearing him. Ken is a total git. Kenny keeps trying to touch her. She says not to touch her. She asks him about his comment. She tells him that he has been bragging about knowing dangerous people and threatening her. Ken says that he flipped. Bea says that she feels threatened by him and she won’t be saying anything else about him, because he threatened her. It makes Ken look terrible and Bea look very reasonable. He is a total git.

Ken talks with Charlie and Lisa. He says that he meant that Bea would have never gotten that close to him. He would have had security or bodyguards remove her.

Marcus and Freddie don’t like that they can’t nominate the new HM.

The HM have started talking about nominations. Sophie and Siavash talk about who they nominate. Noirin, Marcus and Halfwit join up.

Charlie is called to the diary room to nominate first. Lisa will not go and put herself in trouble.


Charlie           Halfwit            Siavash            “He sings and dances all the time.”
Dogface          Marcus            n/a
Halfwit          Charlie             Lisa
Lisa                Marcus             Noirin
Marcus          Charlie             Lisa                 “Her lack of joining the mutinies.”
Noirin           Rodrigo           Lisa
Rodrigo         Marcus           Noirin
Siavash          Charlie             Lisa

Therefore, Charlie and Lisa will be nominated this week. The new HM have failed their secret mission and will face eviction.

Bea is called to the diary room. Ken is in the garden with David and Lisa. He notices that Bea has been called to the diary room. She says that Ken is worried that he created a massive cock-up and tried to apologize her. She thinks that he is a wanker. BB tells her that BB is monitoring the situation closely and is always here for her.

Halfwit and Bea are in the kitchen. Freddie says that he used to think that Lisa was smart and cunning, but now he realizes that she is just going with what she knows.

BB has called Ken to the diary room. He is told that unacceptable behavior would not be tolerated. He is such a bell-end and totally fake. He is backtracking because he knows he messed up. BB tells him that BB will monitor him closely and will take further actions if he threatens HM again.

The HM are gathered to reveal the noms. Lisa and Charlie are nominated. BB tells the HM that the new HM had a mission to nominate Halfwit and Noirin. As a result, Bea, David, Hira, Ken and Tom will be nominated. Furthermore, Charlie, Dogface, Halfwit, Marcus, Noirin, and Siavash are also nominated. Only Rodrigo and Lisa aren’t nominated. Bea says that Tom and Ken pressured her to get Halfwit nominated. Lisa is shocked that she is nominated. She wonders who nominated her. Lisa tells David that she doesn’t want to talk about it.

* * * * *

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