Big Brother UK S10E56 (Channel 4)

For this week’s shopping task, the HM have embraced Greek culture. Bea is called to the diary room. Bea is the goddess Aphrodite. Lisa and Ken are talking about Bea in the kitchen. Lisa says that she doesn’t trust Bea. Ken agrees.

Bea will record a video that will be shown on the BB website. Tomorrow, she will have a date with a selected applicant. She basically describes Halfwit. I think that Bea doesn’t find Halfwit attractive. Bea remarks that Lisa isn’t happy today. Marcus says that it’s because of the noms. She won’t share this with other HM she considers her enemies, but she will share this with her friends. She keeps everyone else away.

The HM have different tasks. Halfwit is Zeus. He has to make sure that HM are enthused about their tasks.

Ken and Dogface are talking about Karly. I can’t stand him. He is such a goner on Friday. Charlie and Rodrigo have to dance. Charlie is getting aggravated with Rodrigo. They argue and Freddie tries to intervene. Rodrigo tells Halfwit that he will never talk to Charlie again. Charlie started swearing at him and called him a cunt. He also kept shushing him. Rodrigo is crying. Charlie knows this.

Noirin, Siavash and Hira Presidential guards. They have to do the changing of the guards.

Lisa and David are in the kebab shack. Lisa is pissed off at being nominated.

Bea is in the diary room. She still have reservations about Ken. She finds that Ken is very afraid. He’s got bouncers following him around. She wants to hippy Ken up a bit.

Sophie is sleeping in the living room. She is on call to take the orders for the kebab shack. She gets them all wrong of course.

Siavash, Hira and Noirin do the changing of the guards in front of the HM. 14 minutes later, Siavash knows that they messed up. He cracks a smile.

Rodrigo and Charlie are in the sitting room. They must become a dance duo. Later, they have to perform. BB gathers the HM in the garden. Rodrigo is shit at dancing. Charlie is pretty good. It just makes Rodrigo look worse.

Dogface tells Lisa that bits of Marcus’ junk are hanging out. No one has told him.

Bea tells Ken that he is missing out on life. She thinks that Ken is wasting his life and has led a very closeted life because of his money. Siavash tells Ken that when he leaves the house, he will revert to being himself. Bea says that his money is smothering him. It’s stopping him to live.

Bea says that Halfwit has started growing on her. The time could come that she would find him her type.

Ken tells some of the HM that he’s been here and done that. It’s time to leave.

BB has told Ken to gather the contraceptive pills that Karly has left in the house.

Lisa and Dogface are talking about Noirin and Marcus. Lisa is having a bitchfest. Dogface says that they will take them out one by one after this week.

Ken comes to the diary room. He’s emotional for some reason. He keeps saying that this is a tough graft. Ken starts crying. It’s about Karly. He says that he could have any girl in the world, but she got him.

Siavash, Marcus and David are in the living room.

Rodrigo keeps going on about being called a cunt by Charlie. He confronts him again at the kebab shack.

Marcus comes into the bedroom. Bea asks Marcus why he loves Noirin so much. He says that he doesn’t love her, he just likes her. Bea and Halfwit are cuddling in bed together. It looks like they have become a couple of sorts.

Charlie is pretending to rob the kebab shop. It’s pretty funny.

Noirin and Marcus are in the sitting room. She says that Tom said that Marcus is like her bodyguard. He doesn’t like Tom sniffing around Noirin. She is upset that the perception is that Marcus is stopping Tom from talking with her. She says that she needs to go to the diary room. She talks with Siavash and says that Marcus says that Tom is playing her.She says that Marcus keeps cockblocking Tom.

Siavash tells Noirin that they need to have a proper, serious chat about things. Noirin says that they need to do this when they leave. There is some kind of attraction between Siavash and Noirin. It’s mutual, but she doesn’t want to pursue it because of Marcus.

Charlie and Rodrigo make up.

* * * * *

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