Big Brother UK S10E57 (Channel 4)

This week, everyone except Charlie and Rodrigo are nominated. Charlie and Rodrigo pretend that there is something going on between them. They pretend to snog.

Marcus tells Dogface that he doesn’t know why he fancies Noirin in the house, but outside he wouldn’t. He doesn’t know if he fancies her because she pisses him off so much. Dogface says that Marcus has got other friends in the house. She will come running back.

David, Lisa and Dogface have to do another kebab order. Yesterday, Charlie told David that Rodrigo fancies him.

BB has called Aphrodite to the diary room. She is going on her date, who’s a total hottie. He comes from Bristol.

Halfwit is told that the rest of the HM are doing bogus tasks. Halfwit must choose an opponent for Marcus in a arm wrestling challenge. The one that Halfwit chooses must win. Halfwit chooses Tom. Marcus is chosen to try and beat Tom at a weightlifting task. He chooses Siavash to go against a valuation challenge with Ken. Two of his chosen three must win. Freddie must not reveal anything to the HM. He implies things to Marcus, Noirin and Siavash. He implies that they have already passed the task.

Marcus and Tom face off. Tom loses. It looks like he did lose on purpose. BB disqualifies the first attempt. Halfwit tells Tom that he needs to win. Tom loses a second time. Marcus was sitting up on his chair. Halfwit looks shocked. Some of the HM guess that Halfwit had a secret task. Noirin told Marcus that he shouldn’t win. Noirin isn’t happy with Marcus. He didn’t listen to Freddie’s clues and he didn’t listen to Noirin’s cues.

Halfwit tells Tom that Marcus is going to win the next endurance task. He hints that Marcus has to win. Tom gets his drift. Marcus also finally gets it.

All of the HM have been gathered for the 2nd challenge. Ken is going against Siavash. It’s 3-2 for Ken. It’s tied now and time for the last question. Siavash is flabbergasted that Ken didn’t get what Halfwit tried to tell them. Ken won. The HM have lost the shopping task. The HM see that Freddie is upset, but he can’t say why.

A few minutes later, Freddie briefs the HM on what went down. They are told that they lost the task. BB gathers the HM and reveals what went on with Halfwit. Since Halfwit clearly tried to influence the outcome of the tasks, they failed. As a result, no matter what the result of the tasks, they would have failed.

Halfwit, Marcus, Noirin, Charlie and Siavash are talking about Tom. He tells them why he doesn’t like him. At one time, Tom called Marcus a twat. Marcus replied that we’ll see how funny it is when you call me that the next time. Marcus said that he’ll put his fist through his face. Marcus will be reprimanded by BB for using inappropriate language.

Ken and Marcus are talking. He thinks that a message was sent by Karly. He means that when BB asked him to search for Karly’s contraceptive pills. Ken goes to see BB. He hasn’t found them yet. He thinks that he will leave. He will have a little think about it. Later, Ken decides to leave. He asks Marcus’ advice about climbing out of the house. They both climb up the wall and onto the roof. They come across a guard who helps Ken get down and out. Marcus goes back to the house.

Marcus goes to the diary room. The rest of the HM are in the bedroom. It’s been about an hour since Ken left. He is told that he might be punished. Marcus says that Ken understood the gravity of the situation. The situation with Karly.

Since Ken walked out, there will be no eviction this week. The eviction is canceled.

* * * * *

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