Big Brother UK S10E58-59 (Channel 4)

Lisa is surprised that Kenny left without telling her. Tom and Hira don’t believe that he’s gone. Charlie has come to the diary room.

The HM are doing the shopping list. They are on a basic budget of 1 pound per person per day. Rodrigo is being difficult. He goes out to complain to Lisa and Sophie. Lisa says that

Noirin and Siavash are talking. It’s obvious that they are attracted to each other. Siavash says that he doesn’t want a BB romance. Neither does she.

Tom tells Bea that Noirin would be different if Marcus wasn’t here.

Marcus complains to Rodrigo that Noirin and Siavash are chumming up to Bea and Tom. Marcus doesn’t like how Noirin is acting. She acts like a school girl. He also didn’t like how Noirin talked to Rodrigo. Marcus tells Rodrigo that Noirin and Siavash change friends quickly. Rodrigo says that they force friendship. Neither Marcus nor Rodrigo trust Noirin anymore.

BB has called Marcus to the diary room. He used inappropriate language. He is told that BB will take further action if he continues.

Marcus complains that the HM have changed since the new HM entered. He doesn’t believe that he has changed.

The mystery price that the HM ordered is a jail. Charlie immediately locks himself in. He can’t get out now. Or so he pretends

Marcus is once again asked to come to the diary room. He is told that he will have to go directly to jail until further notice. If he doesn’t comply, there will be consequence that will affect the entire house.

Siavash gets the giant key for the jail and locks Marcus inside. The key has to be returned to the diary room. It’s been half an hour, Noirin comes to see him.

Siavash has come to the diary room. He talks about Noirin. He’s embarrassed to talk about Noirin and what they have together. There is a bit of a romance going on there.

Hira is singing to Marcus in jail.

Bea and Freddie are talking about Tom. Noirin has come to the diary room. Noirin has got a big smile on her face when she talks about Siavash. She gets embarrassed and hides her face. She said that Siavash is a really nice guy. She likes Siavash.

Tom has come to the diary room. He is pissed off. The house is filled with drama-queens, actors and actresses. He means Bea. He inquires on how he can leave. BB says that the HM should discuss things with BB.

Siavash gives Noirin a cuddle after she requests it. She tells him that she will sleep in his bed tonight. She says that Marcus would be devastated. They kiss under the covers. He tells Dogface that they are just talking.

Lisa and Rodrigo are talking about Noirin. Lisa hates her. David, Bea and Halfwit are at the Bus Stop. Lisa comes to get Noirin to have a word. She wants to know if she has been badmouthing Charlie and her. Noirin says no. She says that she has always said that she wanted Charlie to win. Someone told Lisa that Noirin said that Charlie would go next. Charlie told this to Lisa. He heard Noirin say this. Noirin apparently said that the public hates Lisa because of her clan.

Noirin comes to see Marcus to bitch about Charlie. Later, Charlie and Rodrigo join Marcus. The other HM are in the bedroom. Siavash and Noirin are kissing under the covers.

Interview with Ken BBUK S10E59

Davina is joined by Terry Christensen and psychologist Jeff Beatty. Terry is hard hitting with Ken. He tells him that he can’t have been that daft, he knew that people were watching him.

Jeff says that in the beginning he was acting. Then he thought that he had some sociopathic tendencies, because he lacks emotions. They show a clip of Ken and Bea. It’s when Ken tries to tell Bea on how to act with Freddie to get him nominated.

He is shown footage of Ken flirting with Dogface. Jeff says that she felt really uncomfortable. He’s got no reply to this.

Ken is shown footage of him boasting of his wealth. The other HM tell BB in the diary room how much of a git Ken is. Terry says that he is very naïve. Why did he need to tell everyone how rich he was? Davina says that Ken is playing a good game right now. He says that Karly gave him a hard time when he came out.

Karly joins them. Karly admits that she was sending him a message. Karly says that Ken was despicable and disgraceful in the house.

* * * * *

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