Big Brother UK S10E60 (Channel 4)

So this is the episode in which Noirin tells Marcus that she’s with Siavash now.

Siavash and Halfwit are in the kitchen. Noirin and Marcus are in the bedroom. Marcus tries to snuggle up and Noirin pulls away. She says that she isn’t feeling well.

Siavash made a dare with Tom to shave one eyebrow. They go ahead. Tom didn’t believe that Siavash was going to do that. Marcus isn’t going to do that. He walks out when Siavash asks him about shaving his head.

Siavash says that he couldn’t talk to Marcus this morning. Noirin says that they need to say something to him. Siavash says that he’ll let her take care of that business.

Once again, Marcus talks about Noirin to Bea. He is very weary of Tom and finds it annoying how he always tries to get close to Noirin.

Hira is unemployed and talks about her work as a fashion designer. Marcus has come to the diary room. He talks about Tom a lot.

Marcus and Rodrigo are by the pool. Noirin, Halfwit and Bea are at the Bus Stop. Bea asks her about Siavash. Bea is aware that something has happened between them. Noirin is talking a lot about kissing.

Tom says that Marcus has been quiet for a while. Sophie agrees. Sophie says that love is in the air. She means between Tom and Noirin, but she doesn’t know that Noirin is with Siavash. She says that the only thing stopping them is Marcus. Tom says that Noirin doesn’t fancy him at all.

Siavash asks Noirin what he should do if he was evicted. Noirin says that he should know what to do. Siavash gets the message. He expects the same from Noirin. Siavash says that he’s in trouble, but not right now. Siavash says that Noirin isn’t in trouble. Tom asks what Siavash was talking with Noirin. He’s a nosy bastard. He asks about nominations. Siavash tells him to stop. He is sent to jail for that.

Rodrigo is in the bath and Charlie throws some cold water on him. Noirin tells Marcus that he should go sit with Tom. He knows what it is like to be out there. He doesn’t go.

Bea goes to the diary room. She talks about the dynamics between Marcus and Noirin. She thinks that Noirin has started to put distance between her and Marcus because she doesn’t want to lead Marcus on. Her sexuality may be perceived as some kind of power, but it’s kind of become a burden with Marcus.

Marcus has come out to talk with Tom. He uses an analogy to talk about Noirin. Marcus continues hanging around him for a while. They talk about Noirin. Tom finds it annoying that Marcus is always hanging around her like a shadow. Tom says that Marcus is being weird and creepy because he keeps chasing Noirin. He is making everyone else feel awkward as well. Marcus can’t seem to get the gist of things. Tom isn’t going to try.

Dogface and Noirin are talking in the living room. Sophie admits to Noirin that she had sex with Kris in the house. She hasn’t told anyone. Noirin has to tell her a secret. They go to the bathroom. She tells Sophie that she really likes Siavash. She confesses that she does like Tom. Sophie asks who she likes more. She says Tom. Noirin says that now she feels like she is leading Siavash on because they have talked about what would happen on the outside and he has started hinting at plans, and she doesn’t know what to do. She says that she’s f**k Tom every day.

Dogface and Siavash are in the sitting room. He finds out that Dogface knows about them. Sophie tells him that Marcus needs to know. Sophie says that Marcus has talked to Tom tonight.

Noirin has come to the diary room. She says that she fancies Tom, but she kissed Siavash last night. It’s crazy how she managed to get herself into more trouble.

Noirin talks to Sophie and Bea about her situation. She says that she fancies Tom. She says that she is scared that Tom will be like all her other exes. He will treat her the same way. Bea tells Noirin that Marcus needs to come back to reality. She is perceived as a cocktease since this is going to get out. She could also forget about Tom. Bea says that she should have conversations with both Siavash and Marcus tonight. It’s already past 3AM.

It’s past 4AM. Noirin and Siavash are in the kitchen. She says that they should stop. Siavash thinks it’s ridiculous. He says that the damage is done. She says that she will tell Marcus. A few moments later she tells Marcus. Finally he realizes that she doesn’t fancy him at all. They argue a bit.

* * * * *

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