Big Brother UK S10E61 (Channel 4)

Siavash asks Noirin about Marcus. He wants to know if she told him. She did and Marcus isn’t happy. Halfwit and Siavash are talking in the sitting room. Halfwit says that she distances herself from the negative emotions. She continues to lead Marcus on and has said on numerous occasions.

Tom and Bea are talking about relationships. He says that she shouldn’t lead Freddie on if she isn’t attracted to him. Bea tells Tom that he isn’t included in the love triangle. Noirin and Siavash like each other. Tom has trouble believing this. Tom says that he isn’t getting involved in this shit. Bea tells Halfwit that Tom has been going on about the hugs and kisses.

Marcus, Lisa, Charlie and Sophie are talking about the shopping list. He doesn’t like how Noirin is bowing to Tom’s wishes. He wanted eggs and she agreed last week. Noirin is doing Siavash’s hair. He looks pretty ugly.

Dogface, Tom and Halfwit are in the living room. Halfwit mentions Bea to Tom. He’s annoyed. She was shit-stirring. Tom apologizes and says that he won’t do this again. It was meant in a friendly manner and I think it was appropriate.

Halfwit, David and Charlie are talking about Tom. Halfwit didn’t like his comments. Noirin joins them. Marcus has been in the pool for an hour. Tom confronts Bea about blabbing behind his back to Freddie. Tom gave the advice because for one reason, Freddie is very popular. She can be seen has cozying up to him in order to gather some votes. If she mistreats him, she will pay.

Noirin comes to find Marcus, who isn’t talking to her. He says that they can’t be friends because they have different definitions of being friends. Marcus doesn’t make much sense. Marcus is trying to drag Siavash in the mud by saying that they all knew that he had a girlfriend.

Tom has come to the diary room. He wants to leave. David comes to the diary room. He says that the mood isn’t good in the house. Tom isn’t enjoying the experience because he isn’t getting much attention.

Lisa and Halfwit start making some music. Siavash and Noirin are in the bedroom. She asks for cuddles. He complies.

Siavash tries to talk with Marcus, but he doesn’t want to. Siavash asks if they are cool and Marcus says not really. Siavash tells Halfwit and Noirin talk about Marcus.

Tom and Charlie are talking about Siavash and Noirin. Charlie has trouble believing it. Tom says that Marcus thought that it was him, but it wasn’t. Charlie has come to the diary room. He is exuberant about what has been going on with Noirin and Siavash. BB’s voice is female and she’s got a giant smile on her lips. I can tell. He goes out and tells Rodrigo.

Marcus tells Bea that he can’t be friends with Noirin or Siavash. It’s just gone too far. Siavash and Noirin kiss in the kitchen. They talked about kissing with Sophie. It was just a smooch and a cuddle.

Tom tells Marcus that he wants to jump off the roof out of the house like Ken. Tom comes to the diary room and says that he wants to leave. He says that he wants to leave immediately. Otherwise he’ll go out the fire exit. Tom goes out of the diary room. The HM are waiting. He says that he is going to bed. They follow him around. He says that he is going to leave now. BB says that his suitcase is ready.

Noirin makes a comment on how she thought that Tom was stronger than that. Marcus tells her that comments like that aren’t necessary. She says that she was messing with him. Marcus says that she knows that, but he didn’t take it like that. They tell each other to f*ck off.

The HM ask him advice. Tom tells Sophie that she shouldn’t be with Kris. She is very nice. Kris doesn’t deserve her.

BB has called Tom to the diary room. He wants to go. He leaves.

The HM are talking to Sophie. She looks like she’s about to start crying.

* * * * *

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