Big Brother UK S10E62 (Channel 4)

Before Tom left, he told Dogface that she would be better off without him. Lisa is giving her a peptalk. Charlie and Halfwit are also in the kitchen.

For today’s task, five HM will take place in a quiz. Each time they answer correctly, they will win a treat. If all 5 partake to BB’s satisfaction, they will win 5 tokens. Marcus says that frogs are smooth and toads are warty. Lisa has to correctly identify frogs and toads. She won a token. Marcus is convinced that he is right. One of the ones on the screen is a toad when BB said it was a frog. Marcus challenge has to do with percentages. He wins but then he tears the diary room pedestal apart. He starts swearing and calling BB a wanker, a prick. BB forfeits the token. Noirin calls Marcus an aggressive wanker.

Some of the HM stage an intervention. Bea is speaking out. Marcus doesn’t give a shit. Later, Bea tells Noirin that Marcus is behaving like a little boy and needs to be taken down a peg.

BB has called Marcus to the diary room. He says that he did what he did for TV. It’s a load of bollocks. He thought that he was right and that BB was messing with him. It’s an arrogant bastard.

Freddie tries to explain a situation with Bea, but she isn’t really listening. She accuses him of not listening. He says that she was out of order for judging Marcus. Her own statement isn’t going to have a positive effect on Marcus. She doesn’t seem to understand this. She walks away and Freddie is muttering and swearing to himself. Freddie says that he is close to leaving, but he isn’t that kind of person.

Once again, Bea tries to talk to Marcus who’s hiding out near the pool. She apologizes. He says that he’s been having a bad week. Rodrigo and Charlie jump into the pool and make them all wet.

Marcus and Bea are in the sitting room. She talks about Tom’s comments about her and Freddie, how she might be leading him on. He asks if she wants a hug. She ends up lying on his chest. She talks about Siavash and Noirin. He must really like her in order to gamble with Marcus’ friendship.

Bea and Halfwit smoke a fag and make up. He says that he was very stressed about the whole situation. She says that they were lying under the duvet and snuggling up with him and he was totally different.

The HM are at the party dancing. Later, they are in the bedroom. Siavash uses the helium of the balloons to make a funny voice. Noirin and Siavash kiss. They get up and kiss some more before leaving the bedroom. Bea has got a funny voice too from the helium.

Bea and Siavash are at the Bus Stop. He asks her what she thinks of him and Noirin. She tells him that she doesn’t get that great of a vibe off them. She isn’t sure that Noirin is that into him. She says that a couple of nights ago, she advised Noirin to get involved with Tom. Siavash finds this upsetting. He wants to know what Noirin was saying about Tom. She tells Siavash to be careful. Noirin arrives. Bea leaves. Siavash asks her what would happen outside. She says that she isn’t in that frame of mind. She implies that nothing will happen on the outside. She just wants to have fun. She has been giving him mixed signals. Siavash obviously wants something on the outside and Noirin most probably doesn’t. She doesn’t think that it’s a big deal.

Noirin and Siavash are in the sitting room. They are cuddling.

* * * * *

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