Big Brother UK S10E63 (Channel 4)

Noirin asks Halfwit for advice about what to do with Siavash. She doesn’t want anything more than what they have. When Bea mentions that maybe she should cuddle Siavash, Noirin doesn’t like hearing that. Siavash arrives and both Halfwit and Bea give him cuddles. Noirin just watches.

Later, Halfwit tells Siavash what Noirin said. She doesn’t want a serious relationship for now.

Bea tells Marcus that Noirin is really mixed up. She has told her that she doesn’t want anything with anyone in the house. Marcus says that it’s 100% Noirin. She did the same thing to Marcus.

Siavash asks Noirin what she said to Halfwit and Bea. She explains and they cuddle. Siavash says that this will probably be their last cuddle. She is surprised. Siavash says that he can’t do this without it leading somewhere. Siavash says that he will go after Bea. He says that she likes him. They go under the covers to snog.

Bea and David at the Bus Stop. Later, Bea and Halfwit at the pool. She says that she misses her friends.

Noirin, Dogface and Charlie are talking about Marcus. He says that he wants to be alone. Marcus is lying in the garden alone. Noirin says that she’ll try talking with him later again. Dogface says that he seems lonely. Charlie says that he’s just been sleeping.

Bea and Siavash are talking about Halfwit. Halfwit was a bit sleazy with him earlier. He says that he also liked training lovers.


Bea                  David              Lisa                 “His laughter drives me up the wall.”
Charlie           Noirin              Siavash
David              Noirin              Marcus                        “She loves to drink.”
Dogface          Hira                 Marcus
Halfwit           Charlie             Lisa
Hira                 Siavash            Marcus
Lisa                 Noirin              Bea
Marcus           Hira                 Noirin              “She’s two-faced.”
Noirin              Lisa                 Marcus
Rodrigo           Noirin              Marcus
Siavash            n/a                   n/a

Marcus and Noirin will face the public vote this week.

Siavash has come to the diary room. He isn’t happy with the way things are going with Noirin. Since she doesn’t want a romance per se, it’s annoyed him since he wanted that on the outside. He says that he’ll just have to see what happens. He wants to talk with Marcus again. They haven’t talked in a day but it seems like a million years.

The HM exchanged a token for alcohol. David is talking to Lisa about relationships and his Vivienne Westwood obsession. Marcus offers Noirin his drink. She gives him a hug. He doesn’t talk.

Marcus is in the sitting room at 11PM. Siavash wants to talk with Marcus. He goes to see him in the sitting room. Marcus is obviously sleeping. Siavash just sits there. He waits for 15 minutes. It looks like Siavash is rehearsing what to say to him. Marcus wasn’t sleeping. Siavash finally breaks the silence. Marcus says that he isn’t in the mood to talk. Siavash leaves. He tells Marcus that he loves him.

Siavash briefs Noirin, Dogface, Rodrigo and Charlie. Noirin says that Marcus told him to f-off.

Bea tells Halfwit that he was a bit sleazy with her earlier on. Bea says that she is very old fashioned. Bea is a hypocrite. She says that she is for having multiple partners.

Dogface and Marcus are in the sitting room. They are talking about Siavash. Marcus says that it’s hard for him to forgive people.

Charlie and Noirin are in the living room. Charlie asks her how much she likes Siavash. On a scale of 1 to 10, she gives him a 7. She only fancies him, nothing more. She wants him to be her friend. She says that Siavash is like a guy she met in a nightclub. As far as she is concerned, there is nothing going on between her and Siavash. She’s a bitch.

Halfwit comes to the diary room. He says that it was varied. He fancies Bea. There were some serious miscommunications between them. He didn’t mean to be sleazy, it came from a place of passion. He’s horny.

Halfwit and Bea are talking about Noirin. Meanwhile, Siavash and Noirin are cuddling and kissing under the covers in the bedroom.

* * * * *

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