Tera Patrick Polaroids By Kenneth Capello

Tera Patrick by Kenneth Capello
Tera Patrick by Kenneth Capello, NSFW

I’m not a fan of giant boobs, and I debated over whether to post this image or not. In the end, I found that this image was just so sexy and beautiful, so I had to post it. It oozes lust. Tera Patrick is a porn star, though I don’t really like those words. It’s demeaning in a variety of contexts.

The Polaroids were taken by Kenneth Capello for Supreme.

(via designyoutrust)

Author: range

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3 thoughts on “Tera Patrick Polaroids By Kenneth Capello”

  1. As a girl/ woman, I would say that this picture slash woman looks extremely fake. Additionally the tits/boobs are way too low. They are almost down to the waistline. Because my version of gender doesn’t have two heads, we definitely have eyes at one place. I may say your lust and the way you see the picture, I can never follow you there. Have a lusty day 🙂

  2. Hi Helene,
    Yep, I’d prefer to have normal sized boobs in this pic instead of her gigantic fake ones, but my eye is more attracted to Tera’s face and the way that it flows off because of the blurriness of the Polaroid.

  3. I checked it out and Tera Patrick was known for having natural boobs for a long time. Then in 2003, she got implants. They were bigger than her original breasts.

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