Amy and Super Water Again

-Amy, is your water still super water?
Amy replies with a smile

Big Brother UK S10E64 (Channel 4)

Rodrigo, Dogface and Siavash are in the bathroom. Bea tells Noirin that she’s pissed off about HM. Noirin says that you feel like that sometimes in this house. Lisa arrives. Bea just made herself some French toast. She serves herself. Lisa complains about tea bags and takes the last ones. She supposes that someone is hiding tea bags. She makes a snide remark about Bea’s food and leaves. Bea tells Noirin that it was completely unnecessary.

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Big Brother UK S10E63 (Channel 4)

Noirin asks Halfwit for advice about what to do with Siavash. She doesn’t want anything more than what they have. When Bea mentions that maybe she should cuddle Siavash, Noirin doesn’t like hearing that. Siavash arrives and both Halfwit and Bea give him cuddles. Noirin just watches.

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Big Brother UK S10E62 (Channel 4)

Before Tom left, he told Dogface that she would be better off without him. Lisa is giving her a peptalk. Charlie and Halfwit are also in the kitchen.

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Big Brother UK S10E61 (Channel 4)

Siavash asks Noirin about Marcus. He wants to know if she told him. She did and Marcus isn’t happy. Halfwit and Siavash are talking in the sitting room. Halfwit says that she distances herself from the negative emotions. She continues to lead Marcus on and has said on numerous occasions.

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Big Brother UK S10E60 (Channel 4)

So this is the episode in which Noirin tells Marcus that she’s with Siavash now.

Siavash and Halfwit are in the kitchen. Noirin and Marcus are in the bedroom. Marcus tries to snuggle up and Noirin pulls away. She says that she isn’t feeling well.

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Big Brother US S11E07 (CBS)

Ronnie wants Laura gone. He sees her as a threat. Jordan is his pawn. Jordan asks Jeff for his vote. They get along well. And, Jordan is stupid. Meanwhile, Laura tells Ronnie that Jeff and Jordan will work together to get rid of Ronnie. Ronnie says that he might be able to convince Michele and Chima to vote his way. He tells Laura that if she is able to convince Jesse, then Nat will also vote for Jordan. That might in turn influence Lydia, which will make Kevin vote for her as well. Ronnie gives her some sound advice.

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