Month: August 2009

  • A Phreaker Gone Bad

    An incredible story how a tubby blind kid became one of the country’s best phreakers. He was given chances to stop, as he was a minor, but couldn’t. Battered and abused by his peers, he sought comfort in chat lines and doled out the same treatment to others. He was found guilty and given a…

  • Where Was My Bike Made?

    I found this great article by Kerry Roberts where he gives you information about where your bike was actually made. His list dates from 2008. Since then, all of Cannondale’s production has shifted to Asia. All Colnagos except the EPS are made in Taiwan. All Pinarellos are made in Taiwan. All Kuotas are made in…

  • Ryan Yoon

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  • Guido Argentini

    This is part of a series of photos that are being sold by Photographic Limited Editions. Each print is limited to 3 and measures 47″x47″. Each will sell for $9,000. (via ifitshipitshere)

  • Sam Hessamian

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  • Rasmus Mogensen

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  • Frank Barthold

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  • Grocery Shopping

    Went for a quick stop at the grocery shop with the wife, which is rare. We usually shop separately, when we come home from work. On our way back, we saw a scooter accident. Some woman was lying on the ground, people were around calling an ambulance. She wasn’t wearing much protection. We wanted to…

  • A Kingly De Rosan Afternoon

    I went by the bike shop today to meet up with someone selling his Giant ’07 OCR C1. It had few miles on it and it was a size L. Edward from the Giant shop inspected it for me and told me that it was worth $1,200, no more. That confirmed what I had thought.…

  • 2010 Giant Road Bicycles Redux

    The news is in for the ’10 model year for road bikes from Taiwanese bicycling manufacturer Giant. There are significant rebates to be had if you buy these directly in Taiwan. This is even more valid for the top end specced TCR Advanced SL 1 and SL2¹, which will have lower prices than last year.…