Big Brother UK S10E65 (Channel 4)

Noirin is complaining about Marcus to Siavash. Siavash says that he tried talking to Marcus, but nothing was really said. Bea says that David and Lisa are still outside at the Bus Stop. They are going to be out there all day. Bea tells Siavash their new nickname for them, Pinkie and the Brain, plotting to take over the BBUK house. Lisa is annoyed at Charlie shouting. Charlie was trying to help out the group. Bea jumps in to defend Charlie when Lisa picks at him. Bea and Lisa start arguing.

If the HM pass the shopping task, they will receive a special prize later today. They do the task. It’s OK.

Marcus has come to the diary room to exchange a token for fish and chips for everyone. The HM are pretty happy. Bea hugs him ecstatically. She sees Siavash giving Noirin a kiss. She told Bea that Siavash smudged her lip gloss. When Marcus came out of the diary room, Noirin looked really pissed off. She comes to the diary room to tell BB. Bea and Halfwit are talking. Bea says that Siavash and Noirin are totally fake. Noirin was threatened by her. She thought that Siavash fancied Bea.

Charlie tells some of the original HM that some of the new ones might walk if they don’t pass this week’s shopping task. Bea mentioned that to Charlie. They haven’t had yet a luxury shopping budget.

Halfwit and Bea are talking about Lisa. Bea can’t stand her attitude. Lisa has problems with sharing. She is completely self-centered.

BB has gathered the HM at the dining table to reveal the results of the shopping task. They have failed once again. 55% of the voters says that they failed. However, they won a special prize. It’s Isaac, Noirin’s American ex-boyfriend. She starts to scream when she sees him. He delivers the fish and chips. Noirin says that she is going to be sick.

Siavash tells Halfwit that it is so bad that it isn’t funny. They are outside smoking. Marcus joins them. He bets that Noirin will be screwing Isaac in the sitting room. David shows Isaac around. He comes out to meet them and goes back inside.

Isaac and Noirin are talking in the bedroom. She says that she is sorry after Isaac prompted her. He wants to get back together and naturally Noirin agrees. Noirin tells Bea that she is sorry for Siavash, but she is with Isaac. He says that everyone has been nice to him, those people who are talking to him.

Halfwit tells Siavash that Isaac doesn’t seem like a nice guy. Bea says that he’s pretty arrogant. Rodrigo is there too.

David and Lisa are pretty happy in the diary room. They love it. David feels sorry for Siavash, but not for Noirin. There were no feelings involved there, because as soon as there was a bit of fresh meat in the house, Noirin has moved on.

Rodrigo and Dogface are in the bath together talking about Noirin. Dogface says that it shows Noirin’s true colors. Isaac is walking around. Siavash says that he can’t do this. Isaac comes to see him. He wants to talk. Siavash doesn’t want to right now. Isaac comes to tell Noirin what happened with Siavash. Isaac tells Noirin that maybe they shouldn’t sleep in the same bed tonight.

BB has called Siavash to the diary room. He’s been talking to BB for 45 minutes. He doesn’t plan on sleeping in the bedroom.

Bea tries to breach the subject of Siavash with Isaac and Noirin. Isaac says that it really isn’t her business.

Rodrigo tells Noirin that she is being bitchy. She just keeps jumping from people to people. Noirin says that she isn’t talking to Siavash and she loves her ex-boyfriend.

Halfwit, Dogface and Bea are talking about Isaac. Bea says that all that Isaac has been doing is going around bars in the US and going on spring break for three years. He’s not particularly classy.

Noirin tells Isaac that she should talk with Siavash. She was cuddling him last night. Isaac says that he doesn’t give a f**k.

Marcus tells Siavash that the only reason that Noirin got with him was because Bea was flirting with Siavash. Siavash now regrets getting involved with Noirin. He sleeps in the sitting room.

* * * * *

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