Big Brother UK S10E66-67 (Channel 4)

Isaac notices that Noirin isn’t around. He goes to investigate and finds her cleaning the kitchen. Noirin has come to the diary room. She’s nervous about having a chat with Siavash and being evicted.

David complains to Lisa and Charlie that he didn’t like getting woken up by Bea because he was snoring. She went back to bed laughing and didn’t say anything to Marcus, who was snoring the whole night.

Siavash tells Bea that Noirin just wanted to use him as a storyline. She never cared about him initially. She was just playing with him. Marcus tells Bea, Halfwit, Rodrigo and Siavash that Noirin told him that he is going home because he hasn’t got any interesting storylines left. Rodrigo tried to talk to Noirin, but he finds her two-faced. Rodrigo can’t believe it. He thinks that she has a gameplan. She badmouths Hira behind her back, but for nominations Noirin made plans to start a charity with her.

Noirin, Isaac and Dogface are making fun of Hira again. Charlie has come to the diary room. He likes Isaac. He’s upset for Siavash.

Bea tells Lisa, Halfwit and Siavash that Isaac is a really good looking guy. Noirin wants to talk to Siavash, but he doesn’t want to. He says that this is three times now. He says that she can count him out of her friend group. She says that she is sorry. Siavash says that she isn’t really that sorry. She can’t hear that she did something wrong. She doesn’t like hearing that he won’t be her friend. He says that he can’t be talking with her. Siavash tells her that he thinks that he was part of the storyline. She continues to argue. He doesn’t give a shit. He tells her to never lie. It could have worked but it didn’t. He leaves.

Marcus and Siavash are in the living room.

Noirin tells Isaac about what Siavash’s comments. Noirin can’t understand why she feels so guilty. She can’t fathom that she really screwed him over. She’s a cold-hearted bitch!

In the bedroom, Sophie tells Charlie and David that it’s the fifth time that Noirin has done this. First with Sree, then with Marcus, Tom, Siavash and now Isaac. David can’t believe it.

Bea tells Siavash that he shouldn’t rise to what Noirin are. She has done something rotten.

Charlie is ordering this week’s shopping. He gets confused and BB helps him out. Isaac comes to the diary room. He says that Bea doesn’t like him. Bea has come to the diary room to talk about Noirin. She lent a top to Noirin and Noirin didn’t wash it. It smells of BO. She says that Noirin is a self-centered attention whore [selfish attention seeker, but I like attention whore better. NdlR]. She doesn’t like her. Her behavior is despicable. Noirin doesn’t seem to understand what she has done to Siavash.

She’s just a proper little hussy.
Bea on Noirin

Some of the HM are in towels to plead for Marcus to stay. Bea doesn’t tell Noirin what and why they are doing this. Halfwit says that it is harsh not to tell Noirin. It’s Halfwit, Bea, Sophie, and Siavash. They go to the diary room.

Charlie tells Hira that he likes both Noirin and Marcus. She thinks that what the other HM are doing is mean. Charlie tells Isaac and Noirin about what the HM did. He’s kind of backstabbing the other HM. I think he’s just being stupid or he’s got an agenda. He thought that they knew. Noirin says that at least now she knows who nominated her. Charlie says that Rodrigo went in, but he didn’t. It’s funny how Noirin and Isaac took Marcus’ place next too the pool. Isaac makes a comment about a rectum tree and how everyone in this house is an asshole.

Bea, Lisa, Dogface and David are talking about modeling. Sophie isn’t tall enough to do glamour modeling.

Lisa tells Charlie that he should watch what he is says to Noirin and Isaac. Isaac basically said that they are all arseholes. Then they were laughing and taking a piss out of the HM, including Lisa and Charlie.

Eviction Night BBUK S10E67

Noirin is so evicted. She’s probably gotten the most votes in history. I can’t wait to see the grilling that she’ll get. She is evicted and already gets boos from the studio from which Davina speaks to the HM. She is universally booed by everyone.

Davina Jo Whaley and Judy James join Davina. Noirin says that Isaac will leave the house. He won’t stay. Noirin signed her death warrant when she admitted that she fancied Tom more than Siavash, right after she snogged Siavash. Judy says that she was like a stealth bomber using her sexuality. Since she has flirted with Isaac, she catapulted Marcus into the leadership of the house. She is shown footage of her interview video. She says that men fall in love with her and they do stuff for her.

Noirin says that she wasn’t really leading Marcus on. She says that she was leading on Siavash. The interviewers tell Noirin that last night’s program was like watching a man being broken. Davina isn’t sure that he can be put back together.

Noirin says one thing and then says the opposite thing with her body.

She broke up with Isaac because they were living on different continents. He was unemployed. She wasn’t going to give up her job to go to America.

Isaac left the BBUK house shortly after Noirin was evicted.

* * * * *

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