Leverage The Beantown Bailout Job S02E01 (TNT)

Leverage is show like Hustle on BBC. If you don’t know Hustle, it’s a show about a crew of con men, including a girl, who pull cons on marks who deserve to be conned. Leverage uses a different spin. Think more Robin Hood than petty criminals. This crew use their skills to help out people who have been taken advantage of by greedy corporations or people. These corps and people make excellent marks. Usually, the families have no way of getting back. Nate (Timothy Hutton) used to work as an insurance adjuster/investigator until his company refused to pay for a cancer treatment for his son.

Leverage features a good cast that make the whole thing pretty funny. Beth Riesgraf is hilarious as Parker. The show is pretty funny. Parker is the cat-burglar, Hardis is the IT specialist, Spence is the muscle, Sophie is the honeytrap and Nate is the grand schemer. TNT has renewed Leverage for a second season.

In the second season premiere, the team is reunited to help out some deserving clients. Leverage HQ is relocated in Nate’s flat.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Nate tries to go back to an insurance company. He leaves immediately. He’s heading for a bar. Some banker who’s trying to come clean to the cops is in a car with his daughter. The car’s brakes have been disabled. It flips. Nate saves the girl. Nate tells some homeless man to save the man, but he just walks away with the briefcase. Nate has to go back to save him as well.

At the hospital, the girl tells Nate that something was wrong with the car. She hears him talking with her dad’s boss, who tells him that the bank is going under on Friday. The dad has been drinking.

Nate goes to Sophie’s premiere and finds Parker, Elliot and Hardison all there. It’s been six months. The team is in shambles. They aren’t happy with their new lives. Nate leaves. He gets attacked by the homeless man who stole the briefcase. Sophie helps him. She inadvertently knocks Nate out.

All of the guys are at his place. Hardison has footage of the man dumping the briefcase. Nate doesn’t want to participate in this. Parker and Hardison pose as a nun and a priest. They get into a bank. Hardison says that he searched for her for 6 months. They got into the bank to get Leery’s stuff. Leery’s is the girl’s dad.

It turns out that this is connected to the mob. Elliot is already investigating and the takes out the homeless man. He’s not homeless, he’s just a mob wiseguy. Elliot has a little fun. The mob businesses are squeaky clean. The O’Haras got smart 30 years ago. The government catches the mob via the taxes.

The mob took out bad loans to clean out the banks knowing that three days later, the government would bail out the bank.

Nate is in the con. He lays out the details. Hardison and Parker pose as cops. They scare Leery. Nate and Sophie move onto the gangsters. She plays the role of a banker from London who deals with mob families. She wants in on the bailout.

Elliott scares Leery with some few fake gunshots. He calls the cops. He calls Hardison. Hardison preps Leery to run. The mob calls Leery and he runs to the meeting place. It turns out that O’Hare isn’t the boss. Elliott plays the role of a State Trooper. They use it as a setup to blame O’Hare. O’Hare runs and confesses to the hit on Kerrigan. They convince Leery to go kill Kerrigan to clean up the mess. Cops are waiting for Leery when he arrives.

The cop tells Leery that his bank was cleared of some safety deposit boxes. Leery is found with money, evidence and Kerrigan’s stolen briefcase.

The crew moves into Nate’s place. Hardison bought the building.

* * * * *

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