Big Brother UK S10E68 (Channel 4)

Bea asks Siavash if he will ask for his earrings back. He gave them to her earlier this week to her. Isaac arrives and says that Noirin is giving them back. Isaac offers his hat in exchange. Lisa tries to counsel Siavash about the hat earrings issue. Siavash is followed by Bea and Halfwit when he drops the hat onto Noirin’s bed. Bea tries to take the earrings away. Siavash makes her put them back. She finds some lube.

Bea tries to talk with Noirin, but she is just getting involved in other people’s business. Isaac arrives and confronts Bea about their Marcus protest they did yesterday. They are both getting aggressive with Bea. Isaac comes out to see why Siavash doesn’t want the hat. He wants to give him the earrings. Siavash just doesn’t want to deal with them anymore.

Noirin calls Bea a nosy little cow. She tells her to piss off. Bea is surprised. Bea tells Isaac that Noirin has had a crush on Siavash for two months. Isaac ridiculizes her and tells her to piss off. For some reason, Bea and Noirin are still in the bedroom. Noirin is packing her bags.

David has left the bedroom because things are getting heated. Halfwit runs inside. Marcus tells the HM that this is pathetic. He counsels Siavash.

Siavash asks Halfwit, Bea and Sophie to just leave it alone. He asks them to not talk about it anymore. Bea says that Noirin just insulted her.

-Would you ever go back to women?
-No, Lisa, I’m gay.
David and Lisa

Bea, Halfwit, Marcus are talking about Noirin and Isaac. Apparently Isaac and Noirin had an open relationship, which was more open on Isaac’s part. Bea is making a Team Marcus t-shirt. She’s stirring up trouble. She asks what Lisa and David think. Lisa tells her that it is a bit naughty. She is making a banner.

Noirin and Isaac are in the bathroom talking. He says that Siavash was great of him. Noirin thinks that there aren’t any nice people in the house.

Noirin is evicted. A few minutes later, Isaac tells BB that he wants to leave.

Charlie tells Rodrigo that everyone was rude. Rodrigo is livid. She was rude. She didn’t say goodbye to anyone. Lisa says that Noirin didn’t speak to her in three weeks. She slagged Charlie off. Charlie says that he was honest and nice. Rodrigo says that she shit-stirred yesterday when he talked with Isaac and Noirin about the protest for Marcus.

Isaac leaves.

Lisa and David are talking about Marcus. David finds it disgusting how Marcus talks to BB.

Marcus has come to the diary room.

* * * * *

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