Big Brother UK S10E70 (Channel 4)

Charlie tells Rodrigo that he was upset yesterday. He felt very down. He apologizes. Freddie is acting nutty in the bedroom. David and Bea are in the kitchen. She says that they haven’t been talking. He says that he was upset yesterday about the butter. She says that it wasn’t meant that way. She asks if there is something wrong. He says that if there was something wrong, he wouldn’t be talking about it with her. She asks why he is being so horrible to her. Lisa is there to get her breakfast. They argue. She says that she’s really upset. She says that he is mean because he was happy that he was being horrible to her. Lisa, the overlord, was there to see this.

Bea leaves and starts to cry. She seeks comfort from Charlie. She is making a big deal out of things. She’s a drama-queen. When David comes into the living room, Bea starts almost shouting at him. She looks a bit nutty since David doesn’t loses his school. Bea can’t leave it alone. She comes back inside to argue some more. Halfwit tries to defend her.

Lisa and David are at the Bus Stop talking about Bea’s game playing. Marcus and Bea are in the bedroom talking about David. Bea seeks comfort from Marcus. He says that it’s probably Lisa’s fault. She’s pulling his strings.

In the garden, Lisa tries to garner support for David. Hira and Sophie support him. David starts to cry. Hira tells him to just walk away from Bea and not get involved.

Bea just can’t leave it alone. Later she tells David that he did bully her. She makes a big deal about it again. He walks away with the situation unresolved. Bea just can’t let it pass. She complains to everyone. Marcus doubts that he shouted, but he’s going to have a word about the food banditry that David has been doing.

Marcus confronts David about the food situation and snap judgments. Bea can’t help but get involved. When David leaves, Marcus tells Bea off for getting involved in the drama again.

Freddie is stalking Bea again. He just comes in when she is having a bath and sighs or purrs. It’s creepy. He asks her if she wants to be alone and she nods her head. He leaves. Siavash arrives. He tells her that the ball is going to drop again.

I really want a Mercedes-Benz, but I don’t go out and steal one.

The HM have split themselves up into two groups, caterpillars and helpers. Bea and David make up when she applies some more green makeup on his face. The helpers have wrapped the caterpillars in cling wrap. Each caterpillar that get to its feet receives a token for the group. Rodrigo is the first one up. Siavash and Charlie follow. David is up too.

Marcus has come to the diary room to complain about the dirt in the garden. Lisa, Sophie and David complain about Marcus. He’s become aggressive again. Lisa says that he’s taking over again. Sophie is really annoyed with him.

Bea comes to the diary room to complain about David. It’s getting repetitive. Freddie tells Bea that his parents’ place is mansion with 70 rooms.

BB has provided HM with alcohol, tokens and a hamper filled with treats. Charlie tells Sophie that Rodrigo likes David. Rodrigo takes him apart and tells him to stop his jokes. Charlie says that it’s true. Charlie says that Rodrigo likes him. It’s true. He promises to stop.

Freddie has come to the diary room. He thinks that Bea is attracted to him, when she obviously isn’t. Bea is giving Rodrigo elocution lessons. Rodrigo tells Bea that he would like to meet the queen.

Charlie has come to the diary room to exchange a token for some alcohol. It’s past midnight. Hira and Lisa are sleeping already. David is stuffing himself with some candies that they got in the hamper. Marcus is by the pool. Bea and Halfwit are at the Bus Stop. Bea keeps going on about how well known she is.

Later Freddie tells Bea that he thought that they fancied each other, but Bea tells them that they are friends and turns around. He can’t leave her alone. Maybe she should change beds. He asks her if she fancies him. She says no. He says that it’s a shame. She feels like he has put her in a corner. She hasn’t been asked that since she was 14. She turns her back again.

* * * * *

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