Big Brother UK S10E71 (Channel 4)

It’s nominations day.

Last night, Bea told Halfwit that she didn’t fancy him. He asks Marcus for advice. Bea tells Siavash. Later, Freddie talks with Bea in the bath. He’s being a wanker again. Bea says that she didn’t appreciate it at all. She sends him away. He’s being lecherous again.

BB has called Rodrigo to the diary room. Earlier he said that he would really meet the Queen. BB will allow Rodrigo to write her a letter. He’s got 30 minutes.

Bea tells Halfwit that he is her friend and that she is affectionate with her friends. She doesn’t want to get involved with anyone in the house. She has also asked for space.

Siavash tells Lisa and Sophie that he doesn’t think that the Queen watches BB. Rodrigo has finished his letter. BB calls him into the diary room.

Yesterday, Marcus gave a can of cider to Sophie. In exchange, she agreed to do his washing. He tells her that he wouldn’t mind going home this week. She asks him if he is trying to influence the noms. She’s already nominated. She leaves and complains to David about Marcus. He irritates her a lot. She is doing his washing. His things have got stains.

Marcus is showing Halfwit and Bea how to create blindspots in the BB house. He is told not to mess with the fixtures by BB. BB calls him into the diary room. He is told to go directly to jail.


Bea                  Lisa                 David              “He plays the village idiot.”
Charlie           Siavash           Halfwit
David              Marcus           Bea
Dogface          Marcus           Halfwit
Halfwit            Lisa                 David              “He’s her lieutenant.”
Hira                 Marcus           Bea
Lisa                 Marcus            Bea
Marcus           Sophie             David
Rodrigo         Marcus             Bea
Siavash          n/a

Both Marcus and Bea are nominated. Siavash is told that because he didn’t nominate, there will be consequences for the whole house. He makes a big fuss about it in the diary room. What did he expect? As a result of Marcus and Siavash’s rule breaks, the whole house will be nominated. That’s good. Lisa or David will probably be evicted.

Siavash comes out of the diary room and tells Lisa and David. They both think that he is joking. He comes back and says that he was joking, which is a lie. He tells Marcus that his plan didn’t work well. He says that the whole house will be punished. Marcus immediately deduces that everyone will be nominated. This means that Marcus isn’t leaving the house. He’s annoyed. This might mean that Lisa will be evicted. Marcus says that it will be hilarious when it is announced.

Rodrigo and Charlie scare Bea. Later, Charlie tells Rodrigo to sleep in his bed.

* * * * *

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