Big Brother UK S10E72 (Channel 4)

For this week’s shopping task, the HM will be taking part in an Alice in Wonderland themed extravaganza. The HM have to decide their roles. They are like children. They scream what they want to do. Bea is stuck with Lisa and David. She complains to Hira. Siavash is the white rabbit. He has to keep a number of appointments in the next two days. Each time he has an appointment, he has to eat ten carrots. Dogface is the mad hatter. She has to be able to tell the difference between 25 teas. Rodrigo is the Cheshire Cat. Whenever BB plays a song that contains the word smile, he has to climb a tree and smile behind a magnifying glass for the duration of the song.

Hira is called to the diary room. She has to complete her task. She’s got to eat through a giant cake using only her mouth. She has to find a key.

BB has gathered the rest of the HM for the results of this week’s noms. They are told that Marcus and Bea. Since Marcus tried to influence the noms and Siavash didn’t nominate they are all nominated. Rodrigo is pissed off because Marcus is laughing. Rodrigo tells Marcus to stop breaking the rules. The prison was made for him. If he wants to leave, he says that he should just leave through the door.

David and Rodrigo are bitching about Marcus. It’s funny that they are so worried about being nominated. They are worried about leaving. Freddie tries to talk to Rodrigo, but he’s a queen gone mad. Siavash has got to eat some more carrots. Freddie thought it was funny because some people had a gameplan and wanted to get some people up. It failed. Freddie tells them about Lisa’s gameplan. Marcus and Freddie are very happy. David starts to get involved. Freddie gets on David’s case when he involves Bea. Lisa comes back to the kitchen and starts to scream at them. Freddie is very happy. Lisa is very worried about leaving as well. Freddie chants that Lisa is up for eviction.

Bea continues to push why David doesn’t like her. He doesn’t want to talk to her. He says that she is a drama-queen. Freddie continues to laugh maniacally. I have to admit that it is pretty funny. It’s incredibly satisfying to see Lisa loose her cool. She goes out to complain to Siavash. Freddie says that the only people that David bitches about are the ones that go up for eviction. David goes wrong when he says that Marcus is a pathetic excuse for a man. Marcus calls him a fat f**k for stealing for stealing other people’s food. BB is told to go to the sitting room. David continues to whinge that Marcus threatened him. BB tells him to go to the bedroom.

Lisa comes back inside. She says that if she stays in the house, she tells Freddie to stay out of her face. Freddie says that he’ll go wherever he wants to. He goes out to see Siavash. It’s really kicked off.

Hira has been eating cake for 4:10. David is still in the bedroom. Bea, Rodrigo and Freddie are at the Bus Stop. Freddie says that it’s strategy not personal. Lisa and Dogface are talking in the living room. Lisa says that she should have walked. Dogface says that Marcus is a dick. BB has called Marcus to the diary room. He says that he used the word punked not punched. David was just a wanker. David is called to the diary room. BB tells him that Marcus said punk not punched. David says that it was a mistake. He misinterpreted that word.

They both apologize to each other. She’s been searching for 5 hours. BB says that she can use her face to break the cake up. Marcus, Halfwit and Siavash are in the bathroom. Bea and David are in the garden. They make up. David wants a fresh start.

After 5:43, Hira finds the key. Halfwit tells Siavash and Marcus that hatters went mad because of the lead lining in them. They actually went insane. Hira goes to the diary room. It’s shrunk. BB asks her that she needs to cry to pass her part of the task. BB tells her a sad story. It takes a few sentences and Hira cries. BB tells her to take a fan to fan herself. She will return to her proper size. She thinks that she has got to fan herself until BB tells her to stop.

Lisa is in the bedroom. She says that she hopes that she leaves.

* * * * *

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