Big Brother UK S10E73 (Channel 4)

David is complaining to Lisa about being nominated. Siavash is eating carrots. Charlie and Lisa are talking about the upcoming eviction. She says that she doesn’t care anymore. She says that Halfwit is going to be happy to see her gone. She says that she would have never been as spiteful to him. Lisa says that she will never speak to him. She says that she is a soft person. What a load of crock!

Dogface is in the diary room. She has to correctly identify two out of three teas in order to pass her task. She passes it quite easily.

Marcus and Charlie have to cook 60 jam tarts in two hours. Halfwit tells Bea that Lisa is going to go on Friday. Bea, Halfwit, Lisa, and David are getting ready for their part in the task. They have to eat disgusting stuff. Each tart that Marcus and Charlie made have been made with something yucky. David is already complaining. Lisa has got to eat pig eyesballs, David has to eat pig tails, Halfwit has to eat head cheese, and Bea has got to eat wasabi. Hira finds it hilarious. David is making retching noises all the way. They pass it.

Bea asks Marcus if she moans. He says that she moans more than anyone in the house. She asks Siavash, who tactfully avoids answering. David comes in and says that he’s a moaner too. She tells Halfwit that she will never have his baby now.

The HM have a tea party. Siavash makes a speech. BB tells the HM that since they passed all tasks, they will receive a luxury shopping budget this week.

Later, the HM are in the garden. Lisa says that she’s slept with about 55-60 girls. Bea says that she has slept with less than 50 people.

Marcus reveals that he’s got cider, fags and tea stashed away to Bea, Siavash and Halfwit. Bea keeps giving hints about how she would have loved being in a relationship with Siavash.

Rodrigo and Charlie kiss a bit in the bedroom. Siavash and Marcus are in the garden. Sophie comes to see them. She’s completely pissed.

* * * * *

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