Big Brother UK S10E74-75 (Channel 4)

Marcus is talking about some dream he had last night. Once a week, BB clears out all of the food and gives the HM some individual breakfast boxes. Bea comes to complain to Marcus, Siavash and Hira that Lisa wouldn’t swap some food for fags. Bea makes a big deal out of it and talks to Lisa. Lisa says that she loves Frosties above anything else. She is shouting at Bea to come get her Frosties. They are making a big spectacle. Marcus and Halfwit tell Bea that she is a spoiled brat for always sharing her food with everyone without thinking much about it.

Lisa complains to her cronies Charlie and David. Charlie comes to check on Bea. Siavash and Halfwit say that it was completely unnecessary.

Lisa continues to complain to David and Hira. She says that she has to sort this out. Lisa says that Bea has pissed her off. She wants a word with her in the garden. Hira keeps getting involved. She is hovering like a nosy little bitch. They make up. It was an idiotic argument. Bea just didn’t like hearing no from her.

The HM are making the shopping list. Charlie is being a bitch. He wants special things for himself. Hira asks to get something else but junk food. Rodrigo is being difficult. Marcus is writing. Rodrigo is also being a bitch.

Siavash tells Marcus and Halfwit that some HM are flying under the radar. He dislikes them, but you’d only see this if you were living in the house. It’s all about gameplans. When Siavash leaves, Marcus says that it’s Hira and Lisa. Hira’s gameplan is playing Mrs. Nice.

Charlie complains to Lisa and David about the shopping list. He didn’t like his BBQ sauce being ridiculed. They are talking about Marcus. Lisa complains about Bea being like a baby.

Rodrigo tells Sophie that she is immature for her age.

Bea and Halfwit are talking about who will be evicted. Halfwit is sure that it’s Lisa. Charlie comes to talk as well. He hopes that he isn’t hated.

Sophie asks Siavash if he wants some TM. He says he does. Sophie comes and tickles him. She says that TM is tickle monster. She tickles Charlie and Charlie, who scream like they are dying. It starts a tickle war. Siavash says that with those nails, it wasn’t a tickle. Marcus is by the pool. Lisa comes out for a fag.

Charlie, Bea and Sophie scare Halfwit, who was going to bed. Siavash screams to throw him into the pool. Sophie is thrown in as well, followed by Charlie and Bea. Hira and Rodrigo are in the bedroom. Charlie says that they should get Rodrigo. Marcus tells them not to do it. David says that Rodrigo won’t be happy. They try to get him. I think it will get violent. Charlie tries to grab him. Rodrigo has him in a headlock. Rodrigo goes away to the diary room. Roddy looks like he is going to cry. Rodrigo comes back to the bedroom. He complains to Charlie about the water. Rodrigo tries to grab Charlie’s mattress. Rodrigo is called to the diary room. BB tells Rodrigo to take a minute to calm down. He starts pacing and freaking out. He isn’t sitting down because he doesn’t want people to laugh at him.

It’s been 36 minutes. Rodrigo isn’t sitting on the chair. He finally relents after BB calmy explains.

Meanwhile, Freddie, Bea, Sophie and Siavash are in the shower. Sophie tries pulling down some boxers. She keeps doing it to Freddie. Freddie finally pulls hers down as well. Rodrigo says that it was all Charlie’s plan to make the viewing public see his aggressive side. Rodrigo leaves the diary room. Charlie is called to the diary room.

Charlie says that Rodrigo can’t take a joke and takes it to extremes. Marcus talks with Rodrigo. He says that BB gives Rodrigo more attention. Charlie thinks that in the morning, things will be fine. He leaves. The two drama-queens ignore each other. Rodrigo is thinking about the Queen seeing this debacle.

Eviction Night S10E75

Siavash, Dogface, Rodrigo, David, Marcus, Halfwit, Charlie, Bea are safe. It’s between Lisa and Hira. Hira is evicted. Lisa thought she was going.

Hira started saying that it is her after a few names. She is booed when she exits the BBUK house.

Davina tries to make Hira feel better. They tell her that she’s got a terrible voice. They thought that Hira would be safe after her stellar performance in the Alice in Wonderland task.

Emma says that she would have liked Bea out of there. Emma says that Bea is using all of her powers for evil. Hira says that she thought that Marcus didn’t like her sometimes. Hira is a bit hyper and loud.

Johnny says that he wants Siavash to win.

Hira was quiet and boring, it’s good that she’s gone. Leaving Lisa in the house will just be more entertaining. For once, the public made a great decision.

* * * * *

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