Dark Blue S01E01 (TNT)

Dark Blue title card via Wikipedia
Dark Blue title card via Wikipedia

Dark Blue is a new “dark” cop drama centering on a squad of undercover cops under the command of Lt Shaw, played by Dylan McDermott. I found the first episode pretty ordinary. Ordinary enough that I didn’t want to see the other episodes, especially if you compare it to something like The Closer.

Just like Hawthorne, even though these shows have strong lead characters, there is something missing. The main problem for Hawthorne is that there is a better show with Edie Falco called Nurse Jackie on Showtime.

I didn’t really warm up to any of the characters in Dark Blue. Then again, I didn’t really watch that many episodes, just one was enough. Hawthorne had the same problem. If the first episode is weak, I usually tend to avoid the rest of the series. I’ve got enough series to follow without wasting time on average shows like this one.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Some dude is getting tortured. He won’t give up what he knows. Franzine wants the body dumped.

Lt Shaw reports to the ICU. Someone found the dude. He isn’t dead. The captain Maynard wanted Shaw on the case. The feds show. They want to know about Franzine. SA Brennan is the dude. They show Shaw some footage of the body dump. He recognizes the newest member of Franzine’s crew. He doesn’t say so.

Shaw calls Maynard. The newest member of the crew is one of Shaw’s undercover officers. Maynard wanted Shaw to see this. He’s concerned that he was flipped.

He goes to his operational command and asks Tracy what kind of surveillance they have on Dean. Shaw goes to see Dean’s old partner, who tells him that Dean might have snapped at some point. Shaw wants to send him back undercover to check out what is happening with Dean. Shaw goes to see Officer Allen. He wants to find someone to help his officer. Allen has a sealed file and was involved in some crime years ago. He wants to recruit Jaimie into his undercover off the books unit.

The feds checked up on Shaw. He’s a decorated officer. It looks like he burned out a few years ago. He hasn’t even got an office.

The feds made Dean.

Ty slips back into his old cover with no problems. He even had a lady. Ty just got married, so he was cheating on her while he was undercover. He’s asking about Franzine. They use Jaimie to squeeze Wade. Ty shoots her to get some rep points.

One of Franzine’s crew gets shot by the master because he made outside calls to someone. Ty was taking photos. Dean saw Ty.

The feds followed Shaw to this base of operations. Shaw warns them off.

Shaw and Ty confront Dean in a carwash. He says that he needs to do what he needs to do to get Franzine. Dean sent a photo to Shaw through Ty. They link it to some bank.

Franzine wants something that Volk has in a private bank. They get Ty and Jaimie into the bank. Volk comes by. Franzine and his crew arrive. Franzine is here to kidnap Volk. Franzine’s guys shoot two people and get away. Dean and the other dude shoot at the cops to get away. They disable the cars with automatic rifle fire.

Volk works for Tariq and wants to turn State’s evidence. The evidence was here at the bank. Tariq hired Franzine to find Volk. Before leaving the bank, Franzine destroyed the evidence with a small incendiary device.

Shaw is in the fed’s face for hiding all of this from him. They knew what was up. Dean activates a GPS transponder. Jaimie tells Shaw and Ty that Dean gave her a look at the bank. He made her but didn’t shoot. Ty told her to shoot Dean on sight if he has turned.

Just as they have Volk confess to laundering money for terrorists, Franzine gets his gun to shoot him. The squad arrives and takes them out. Franzine escapes. Dean has Volk and Franzine arrives. Dean has to shoot him when he won’t back down after he tells him he’s a cop.

Shaw warns Dean. They all leave. The feds get Volk. The LAPD gets credit for Franzine.

* * * * *

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