The Closer Elysian Field S05E08 (TNT)

The Closer is an American police drama starring Kyra Sedgwick, who plays a Deputy Chief of Police at the LAPD. Sedgwick plays Brenda Leigh Johnson, an ex-CIA interrogator. She is a southern belle and her easy going charm has surprised more than one criminal during an interrogation. She always gets the bad guys. She was put in charge of the Priority Homicide division of the LAPD.

She’s had to deal with conflict from Commander Taylor, chief of detectives, since she was promoted over him from the outside to her current position. This conflict has been resolved in season 4. Commander Taylor is now one of her staunchest allies. Her team are seasoned veterans, some close to retiring like Lt Provenza, others like Sgt Gabriel just a few years into their police careers. Daniels was promoted off the squad and this season, there is a new conflict with Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell), who investigates any civilian deaths in officer involved shootings.

Her personal life wasn’t always as stable as it is right now. She’s currently engaged to an FBI Agent named Fritz Howard, who helps her from time to time on some cases. They’ve just sold Brenda’s bungalow and moved into a temporary space as they search for a new house to buy.

Brenda is a severe workaholic, to the sacrifice of her personal relationships. She tends to micro-manage her investigations and take a close look at details. She loves junk food and sweets but is currently trying to lay off them. She usually hides all types of junk food in drawers, purses, and other places. She is also known to be a “bit of a slob”, commenting that she does not often get around to housework every day in one episode, and in another, during a small argument between her and Fritz over where her mail was, Fritz comments that “if she looked at her mail daily instead of once a week, she would know where they keep it”.

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The Closer is one of the best police dramas on television right now and is in its fourth season on TNT. Each summer sees 13 episodes. A feature length episode is shown over the holidays. For this season, the episode format has changed. The show has returned for five more episodes in 2009 and season 5 started out a few weeks ago.

I’ve been a bit lax about posting reviews, but rest assured that all Closer episodes were watched and reviewed. They just haven’t been posted. They will find their way onto this site.

* * * * *

A suspect in the death of two girls in the 90s was dragged behind a car. It smells like vigilantism. The Chief has to work with a retired detective named Ollen, who compromises her case more than a few times while she tries to clear her case and his cold case.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Brenda wakes up on her couch. She finds that a window has been broken in and that she hears some noises. She grabs her gun and secures her place. She calls Sgt Gabriel. She says that he is here. She sees a figure speeding towards her. It was just a nightmare.

Gabriel calls her on their new case. Gabriel is worried about her. She is still working on the Stroke case. The victim was pulled behind a car. The victim is Howard Greeson. He was a suspect in a case. He killed two girls in the 90s, but they couldn’t prove anything.

Greeson was definitely dragged. He wasn’t dragged last night, but the night before. The killer waited a day. They called Joe Ollen, the lead detective on the Greeson case originally. He comes to the station. The bodies of the victims weren’t found. Ollen says that the place that they found Greeson is the place where they suspected that he buried the bodies. It’s the Elysian Park. The Chief orders some dogs and they go hunting. A road was washed out back then isn’t now. They find the bodies. The bodies were dug up. It looks like Greeson was tortured to find the bodies.

Brenda and Frizti have a little tiff. Brenda isn’t making much time for her family and Fritzi warns her that she won’t have much to show if she just prioritizes her career all the time. Gabriel calls. He says that Ollen made notifications to the dead girls’ families. They are at the station. The Chief has to come back in. She warns Ollen. He thinks it’s his case. She tells him that the girls aren’t her priority. She learns that he also spoke to the DA. She is livid. It doesn’t help that Flynn is defending Ollen’s actions.

Pope arrives. He tells the Chief to tread carefully in order to resolve the cold cases. Johnson tells Sanchez to bring Greeson’s girlfriend to the squad to confront the family. It turns out that one of the victim’s brothers visited Greeson and his girlfriend. He warned the girlfriend. The whole family wants lawyers. The girlfriend hits Flynn when he insults her. They arrest her. The family wants to call a press conference. The Chief smartly wants to brief Ramos before he attends it. She also thanks Ollen for his services and sends him home.

The next day, Sherman says that she saw Todd West a few times. The first time was just to warn her off Greeson. He came back a week later and yelled at Greeson while he was leaving for work. Greeson was different after that. He was very angry. Sherman read about the girls Greeson apparently killed on the internet. He hit her when she asked him about the girls. It took her two days to prepare to leave. She was leaving when Sanchez was serving the warrant. A gun and a truck are missing. She says that they are probably at Greeson’s workplace.

Ramos was able to interview the family alone. He also wants to talk with Ollen. The Chief is livid, but they don’t have a choice. The family gave their alibis to Ramos and this will eliminate them from suspicion once they are checked out. Only Todd West’s alibi doesn’t hold up. Ramos already ran a preliminary check. He tells the Chief that Todd and Katie West were twins. She was one of the girls who was killed by Greeson.

Gabriel and Tao find Greeson’s truck. It’s unlocked and they find blood, the gun and vehicle that was used to kill Greeson. It turns out that Greeson was drugged up on morphine to stop the pain.

Ollen is at the precinct again and getting on Johnson’s nerves. She tells Flybb to arrest Todd West, since they can’t have him here for a chat. In order to close his cold case, Johnson tells Ollen to have a chat with West so that they find out who killed Greeson. Only then will Ollen be able to close his cold cases.

Ollen has a word with West. He tells him to answer the Chief’s questions without his lawyer. Ollen joins Ramos with Buzz to watch the interrogation. West says that he got fed up with waiting. He says that Ollen wasn’t going to continue pestering Greeson year after year. So West had to pick up the slack. Johnson goes to see Ollen. It’s apparent that he is the one who killed Greeson. The bags that contained the bodies weren’t opened. West said that he wanted to see his twin one last time. It’s Ollen. He has cancer. He’s got 3-6 months. That’s why he killed Greezon. He waives his rights. He’s got a recording of Greeson confessing to the murders. It was of course obtained under duress. He says that he took Greeson to the desert and drove all night with him hooked onto the back.

When Brenda arrives home, Fritzi says that her mom called again. She immediately returns her call.

* * * * *

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