Weeds Su-Su-Sucio S05E03 (Showtime)

Weeds is an American satirical comedy television series. Marie-Louise Parker plays a widowed housewife named Nancy Botwin from an affluent California suburb who becomes an upper-middle-class marijuana dealer to make ends meet.

Things started slowly, with Nancy just dealing a bit of weed on the side. It rapidly became more serious. She went from being a simple dealer, to a grower, to a distributor. Two season ago, she hooked up with Guillermo, a serious Narco trafficker in charge of a part of LA for a Mexican drug cartel. In the last season, she became involved with a drug dealer named Reyes, who’s the boss of a family.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Nancy tried to get out of her predicament when she saw what Reyes was importing into the US via the tunnel. She drew the line at guns, human trafficking and hard drugs. Her gambit by working with Peterson didn’t pan out as he was tortured by Reyes’ men to reveal his source. Her ace up the sleeve was that she was preggers. It’s Reyes’ child and it’s a boy.

* * * * *

Nancy is still with Cesar. He gets annoyed and has another guy watch her instead. Andy comes home and finds Susio pointing a gun at him. Andy says that Nancy’s sister Jill is looking hot. Nancy is bleeding and has got to go to the doctor’s. Reyes is there. Andy is called a clown again. The doctor says that it’s a warning sign. Nancy’s body is telling her to take it easy. She can’t handle any more stress.

Quinn’s old flame wants to kidnap the minister of commerce. Celia is trying to help him. He’s in charge of some guerrillas.

Silas is back and wants to open a medical marijuana store. Shane is dropped off by Jill. Susio pulls his gun on everyone. Shane says that Jill banged Andy. She says that he took pictures of them screwing. Jill stays over and tells some tales about Nancy. She had an affair with a geometry teacher. Nancy can’t handle Susio’s disgusting unwashed smell anymore. She has him shower in the garden. Nancy hears Jill and Andy screw. When she comes back with a lufa, she finds Susio gone. Nancy has her family leave the house. Jill doesn’t want to go home. Nancy bailed on Jill while Jill had to take care of their dying mother and then their dying father. Reyes calls Nancy. He tells her to go to a safe place. He tells her to wait for his call. The call convinces Jill to leave. Peterson is watching her.

Silas and Doug get into some trouble while starting up their medical marijuana shop. Law enforcement needs to approve and wants a percentage. They get the approval.

Celia wakes up in Texas. Quinn’s man put her on the bus while she was sleeping.

* * * * *

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