Mental Roles of Engagement S01E05 (Fox)

Mental logo, image via Wikipedia
Mental logo, image via Wikipedia

I’ve mentioned that I liked Nurse Jackie more than Hawthorne. Well I also like Mental more than that TNT show. Mental tells the story of a psychiatric clinic which just hired a new director. He’s known for some unorthodox ways and always rides a bike. We discover that Jack Gallagher isn’t in LA for just work, he’s also here to find his twin sister.

Not all the staff are happy about his arrival. Carl Belle thought that he was getting the job. Veronica Hayden-Jones thought that she was getting promoted. Belle is very close to big pharma and gets bribed by them to run studies at the hospital. Well, I wouldn’t say that he’s doing anything illegal, but he’s open to influence peddling and he is the voice of big pharma at the clinic.

Anyway, I like this show and have been watching it since it premiered. There is something about mental health issues that I’ve always found interesting.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Liam McFry is being interviewed on some late night talk show. He starts getting aggressive on the air and beats up the host. Liam and his people are going to arrive at the hospital.

By the luck of the draw, Belle gets him as a patient. Jack wants him treated the same way as any other patient. There is media frenzy when he arrives. The next morning, Belle is already making a press conference. Sokof bought herself a ring to celebrate her divorce. It’s been one year. It looks like Liam has completely broken down. His manager can’t believe this. Liam thinks that he is in some kind of war. Jack wants to read the script of his latest movie. The manager says that Liam gets completely into his roles.

Belle is relishing the media attention. He doesn’t really know what to do with Liam. Jack knows exactly what to do. It turns out that Liam was just acting the whole time. He had Belle completely fooled. It was a publicity stunt for his new movie.

Liam is about to leave but Jack convinces him to stay on. Jack thinks that Liam was having an actual breakdown. Ronnie agrees that Liam is suffering from a kind of narcissistic personality disorder.

Jack stresses Liam and he totally loses it in the dark. His oldest friend, who manages his career, agrees that Liam needs help and asks Jack to do so.

Jack tried to talk with Liam about his past and Liam quotes his studio bio verbatim. Jack wants to find out more about Liam’s past. He finds the woman who discovered him. She is willing to talk.

During a power failure, Liam tries to break out and gets caught with a syringe. He was trying to inject himself with testosterone. Jack uses hypnosis and finds out that Liam was forced to sleep with older women while he was in LA. He ran away from home at the age of 14.

Ronnie tells Nora that she has been having an affair with someone at work.

Liam is about to be released. He’s got some psychotherapy ahead of him. Jack tells Nora that he completely faked hypnosis and the de-inhibitor solution. Liam just needed the opportunity to let loose.

* * * * *

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