Nurse Jackie Ring Finger S01E10 (Showtime)

Nurse Jackie intertitle, image via Wikipedia
Nurse Jackie intertitle, image via Wikipedia

Following the framework of previously established dramadies on Showtime, Nurse Jackie aims to show the life of a RN working at a busy hospital who pops pills and leads a double life.

Nurse Jackie has already created some controversy because of its content. The show is for mature audiences and tells a story about a hard working nurse, dedicated to her job, but with a habit.

This show is a lot better than Hawthorne. I wasn’t immediately hooked, but the situations that Jackie gets herself into are amusing. She’s cheating on her devoted husband with her pharmacist, who supplies her with pills. She deals out her own kind of justice in order to make things right in her own eyes.

Nurse Jackie is entertaining. Even though I don’t always watch it immediately, I’ve caught up on the shows and I like it. Sorry about this late update as well, it took me a bit of time to find the files. They were squirreled away on another HD.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

* * * * *

Jackie and Grace are in a dance class together. She meets an old acquaintance there. She was the homecoming queen. Eleanor and Jackie are still not talking. Eleanor and Jackie has terse words. Finally they make up. Jackie can’t take off her wedding ring. Zoey tells her that a cardiac arrest is coming in. He dies on the table. His phone kept ringing. Jackie phones the caller and leaves a message. She doesn’t mention that Chris is dead.

Jackie snorts some dope. She still can’t seem to get her wedding ring off her finger.

Melissa has brought flowers for Coop. Coop needs a word with Jackie. She tells him to calm down. He warns her of the consequences. Coop isn’t happy when she dismisses them. She goes back to snort some more pills and has to wear surgical gloves. She asks Eleanor to cut off her wedding ring. She tells Eleanor about her problem with Coop.

Coop and Jackie have words about the donor problem. She also has words with him about telling Eddie that she has a kid. He touches her inappropriately on the boob and she gives him a kiss. She brushes her teeth afterwards.

The robot which is replacing Eddie is being installed. He took some Valium. They have sex and Zoey bursts in. She tells Jackie that super-obese is bigger than morbidly obese.

Jackie tries to make a fasting priest eat some soup. He had a bit of soup. She tells Eleanor that she kissed Coop and that Zoey walked in on her and Eddie.

Jackie mentions to Momo that she lost a ring. Jackie takes a hammer and breaks her ring finger to justify the fact that the ring had to be cut. She has Zoey page Coop to deal with the finger.

Jackie took the dead guy’s mail and mails it with stamps. The girl phones again and she tells her that Chris is dead. She took his iPhone with her.

* * * * *

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