2010 Wilier Bicycles

10 Wilier Imperiale
'10 Wilier Imperiale

New for 2010 in the Wilier range is the Imperiale, Wilier’s take on the aero bike, best represented by the Cervélo S3. Weight is 1130 gr.

The Cento range gets the Cento Uno SL, a lighter and refined version of the Cento Uno. It was ridden by Team Lampré this year on the Tour de France. The SL is supposed to be 130 gr lighter than the Cento Uno. It weighs in at 920 gr. Cento Uno weight is 1050 gr. There is a special Di2 version to go with Shimano’s electronic Dura Ace component group, featuring internal cable routing. I don’t know about that. I’d prefer monocoque bikes to have no holes in the frame. Preserves structural integrity and stiffness. I count four different Cento Uno models.

Wilier frames are made by Mitsubishi in Taiwan, but designed in Italy. I recently discovered that Pinarello frames are also made in Taiwan. All Colnago frames, except the EPS, are also made in Taiwan. Kind of puts a damper on the high prices that those frames sell for. High prices are justified for all euro-made frames, like Time and Look, and the Colnago EPS. If your frame isn’t made in Europe or the US/Canada, don’t ask a premium price for it. Wilier Cento Unos sell for $4,200.

On the flipside, this means that these Taiwanese-made frames should fetch some good rebates when you buy them locally. On average, compared to the US MSRP, I’ve seen savings of about 35% for Giant bicycles. If this applies to Wilier and Pinarello, this could be pretty cool. A Campy Super Record 11 Pinarello Prince costs about $7,500 in the US. With the “rebate”, it should cost about $4,900.

But before you start getting all excited, don’t get your hopes up, this isn’t true for the Prince. The only Prince I’ve seen here retailed for $8,200. With usual LBS rebates, this comes down to $6,600. However, this might explain the presence of quite a few Princes on the Taiwanese roads, especially in Taipei and Taichung. Since Pinarello is releasing a new top dog, the Dogma monocoque carbon fiber frame, I expect prices for the ’08 and ’09 Princes to drop a bit. I’m thinking about a Prince for my racing bike.

The Colnago EPS and the TIME RXR Ulteam framesets cost about $3,400 each. That isn’t too bad. The Prince is just a bit more expensive at $3,500, though this is just with normal prices and rebates. I still have to snoop around and find the real deals on the Wiliers and Pinarello Princes.

(via road.cc)

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