70 KM Night Bike Ride

Kuota Kom Agritubel team edition
Kuota Kom Agritubel team edition

Well, I finally managed to go out and train. Since I came back from Hong Kong last Monday, a typhoon devastated Southern Taiwan and we have been plagued with rain.

So basically, since Tuesday the 4th of August, I have been waiting for the rain to abate. I need to get another training solution so that I can still work out inside. Probably some kind of flywheel thing. I’ll check that out over the weekend.

The story was the same after the typhoon. Rain, rain and more rain. Strangely enough, the rain was really bad during the hours that I am usually available to train. I should have switched to morning training, but I’m not good with mornings.

Anyway, I have some catching up to do. I wanted to do 100km tonight, but I didn’t want to exhaust my legs. I plan on doing 100-200 km tomorrow. Same deal on Sunday. That will get me caught up on the last two weeks. If I end the week at 500 km, that means that I’ll have caught up after the whole rain charade.

I have to mention that I’ve been quietly going insane because I wasn’t working out. I get more irritable, I’m not as relaxed, I worry more. The effects are plain and obvious. It’s not that I didn’t want to go out and train, but it’s kind of discouraging and dangerous when the tropical rains start. They are so heavy that it would be dangerous, especially in the dark.

I have to say that it felt strange to pedal with fresh legs. I haven’t had those since June. It really showed during my training though. Average speed was 43.75 kph. The middle 25 km was done at 50 kph. Now that’s fast. It felt fast. I was slowing down. I could have easily continued, but it was already 9PM and I had an article due at 10:30 PM.

25 km – 34:24
50 km – 1:04:07
70 km – 1:36:35

There’s nothing much to say apart from that. The training went well and I spent the evening with my knees wrapped up. I expected my calves or thighs to be sore (and they are), but I didn’t expect my knees to be sore. Ah well, they’ll be better tomorrow.

Polar Insulated Bottles
Polar Insulated Bottles

I haven’t figured out if I’m going on two rides tomorrow or just one big one. I bought two 24-ounce Polar bottles. I always freeze my bottles the night before going out. That way, they unfreeze in my back pocket, cooling me down and providing with cold water. I’ve noticed that after an hour or so, the bottles are lukewarm, no longer cold. That’s annoying as I find that cold water is really refreshing. Tonight, I drank about 1L.

The Polar Bottles should keep water cold for about 2 to 3 hours. That works out well. I needed some good bottles. I have one that’s alright. Another one is pretty flimsy. Then, I carry an extra ordinary water bottle. I have never used the Camelbak bottles on training runs, as it takes longer to get hydration since you have to suck. Bike bottles can be squeezed. It takes a bit of dexterity to be able to ride fast (>40 kph) and change bottles.

Platypus 1L bottle
Platypus 1L bottle

If these new bottles work well, I’ll buy some more or I could also try the Camelbak bike bottles. They’ve got one called Chilljacket, which kind of works like the Polar Bottles. However, I’d have to ride into Taipei to find them. They should cost the same but have a smaller capacity than the Polars I got. I’d also like to get a Platypus plusBottle. They come in 34-ounce format (1L) and are made out of soft plastic. This means that once they are empty, they can be stored quite easily without taking up any space or weight.

weekly km count: 70
monthly km count: 120
yearly km count: 1097
(started in June 09)

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