70 KM Night Bike Ride

Kuota KOM
Kuota KOM

You may wonder why I keep posting all of these Kuota KOM images. The answer is pretty simple. It’s the bike that I’m trying to get.

So I was supposed to do at least 100 km, but only managed to do 70. The advantage of doing loops is that you have the flexibility of stopping when things get hairy. After 60 km, I started feeling groggy and tired. I knew that I would make a mistake soon. I decided to stop and not go for 100 km.

It’s funny because I was really getting into it. But since I train at night I have to be extra careful. When I feel not as alert as I should be, I stop. Tomorrow I’ll make it up by going for a really long ride.

25 km – 34:21     – 43.69 kph
50 km – 1:05:47  – 47.61 kph
70 km – 1:40:24 – 34.78 kph – average speed 42 kph

Check out that drop in speed! I did feel a lot slower for the last 10 km and that must have affected my time, otherwise I would have been on par with yesterday’s time. My guess is that if I would have eaten enough or taken a gel, I would have been able to be a lot faster. This means that I have to bring food along on longer rides.

My time was slower than yesterday, but that’s to be expected. Also, I was craving food. I was fantasizing about what I was going to eat after the ride, which lets me to believe that I hadn’t eaten enough during the day.

I drank more water than yesterday, about 2L, but it still wasn’t enough. I could have drank some more. I know this from going to the bathroom after the ride. However, the Polar bottles worked great. I had put them in the freezer the night before, after verifying that they could be frozen without any problems¹.  I keep them for latter part of the ride. They worked really well. In fact, after 90 minutes, almost half of the water was still frozen! When I came home, after about two hours, both bottles still had frozen water in them. I’d guesstimate that almost a third was still frozen. They work really well. If you use frozen water, I think that instead of doubling the time that the bottle keeps the water cool, they actually triple or quadruple the time, because my normal uninsulated bottle had lukewarm water in it and it was also frozen the night before. The Polar bottle had some frozen water in it and the water was very cold! That’s a big difference. It actually kept me going, knowing that I had some nice cold water in my two Polar bottles.

I had three bottles in the back pockets of my jersey, and one on the bike. I need better ways of storing them. I’m running out of pockets! I can easily fix two more bottle cages. However, there is a benefit to having frozen bottles in the back of my jersey. They are strategically placed to cool me down effectively. This is one of the reasons that I don’t really notice the heat. BTW, it’s between 33-37C in Taipei.

weekly km count: 140
monthly km count: 190
yearly km count: 1167
(started in June 09)

[¹] To get best results, the website says to fill the bottles partially and freeze them. When you are about to head out, fill the bottle up. This gives you cold hydration all the way through, but I don’t need that. I’ve got other bottles that I froze.

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